The reason why I'm gone (for now)

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    • The reason why I'm gone (for now)

      Ok... where should I start...
      At this moment I have a huge family problem, Wich I can't tell what it is at the moment. Due to this I am not able to eather be on discord or in-game but I will be or at least try to be here on the forum but not as that active like I used to be. When it goes to discord I try to be back as soon as possible maybe in a few days or weeks. But when it goes to In-gameI can't tell for how long this will be. It can be over in a few days or just a few weeks but in worst case it can take months or even years till I can be fully back online again... I try to be back as soon as possible but if I am really not in-game for the next months I fully understand if the admin staff decides to retrier me and give my admin place to another great player.

      Considering this I want to take a moment and say thank you guys for being here and making me to a better person (physically and grammatically). It had been 2 years now since I started to play on this sever and 1 years since I got my admin and it was a great time for me. Even if we had some not so good times I enjoyed most of the time being on the sever and I will never forget the things that we did together, the money drops, the gang-base fights that we had ect. and I don't want to end it like this... I know that players come and go and for those of you who I will probably never be able to talk with again I want to say goodbye, Thank you... And for all the others, thank you guys for everything and hopefully I will be able to to see you in the futer.

      ~Cya Max
    • Hey there young man, i have played with you for over a year and i remember the prosess when you become admin, and i was there for your famus cop strip :D You are a great and fun player to play with.

      Hope everything works out for you and your family soon! We will be here playing every day til you return again.


      If life treats you bad, always remember to do you dailie spin and when you have counted all the fucking new Crowbars
      then you realize that your day just went from bad to worse!
    • It would be a shame to see a beloved admin leave us, you as a person and as a friend will always be in our hearts and our minds, we would't forget about you!

      Come back as soon as you can. ;(


      A-well-a-bird, bird, bird is the word! Don't you know about the bird? Everybody knows that the bird is the word!