Announcement Map Change 7/5/19

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    • Map Change 7/5/19


      Our next map has been setup by the admin team, by popular vote we are returning to rp_freemancity_kbm_v1a

      Mav has been working with Humam on a updated Uptown v4 with a new Soccer arena and a few other surprises in store.

      We have plenty of summer time left to enjoy the two most popular RP maps to date, in celebration of nearly 10 years of HL2:DM.

      The timeline for this map has not been determined but I am thinking about ~2 months. I am planning on a switch to the v4 update of Uptown sometime near the start of September, then run it until Halloween where we will have our Halloween event on uptown night. It will be a nice transition from day to night. Then switch to another map by vote in November, potentially rp_pray or AP_interurban.

      Shouts out to @HAND OF DOOM,
      @dede @Lawdog and Koala
      and and any other admins i missed for the map setup.

      Remember you can use the command to refund your City45 house when we switch : sm_refunddoor rp_city45_v4a

      But you will have some time to sell the houses normally, remember to use sm_removelocks before selling your apartment to get the locks back.

      Game mode improvements in this map change include:

      1. Quality of Life improvements for admin commands
      2. !DM command exploit fixes, Command will be re-enabled under close observation
      3. HEV suit to be added to the game in a select vendor
      4. Initial code for the Combine Npc event has been started

      1. Donation system reworks with increased automation.
      2. @dede has been promoted to super administrator
      3. @Hercules has returned and shall be granted Basic for his assistance with setting up this map