Daryl Dixons cop strip (just a question)

    • Daryl Dixons cop strip (just a question)

      Why did My account get stripped for favoritism? Can Syle please explain in detail how i used favoritism? Seems like them dirt nozzles reeled me in for some BS by saying oh your not breaking any rules... and come to find out some rules have been broken some way some how... Help me understand please and also if i were to reapply would it start from 0 for their bullshit assed fish game... sniper lool :dead: :dead: .

      Not trying to be an ass hole but questions need be asked... Got me good eh?... Going to work..
    • personally I feel that this whole situation is shitty but some admins want justice some want this to be cleared up.
      as a resident of the base that got 'kickdoored' it sucks to have been killed etc etc etc.

      It had something to do with the rule being way too vague and some admins being bias towards their opinion on the situation because they lost stuff and they had more of a voice in the situation and nothing really was discussed or came to an overall conclusion.

      The whole Collusion shit was brought in for a reason that I don't even understand other than the fact it seemed that you let rebels in to kill the afks. While the admin team discusses im sure everything will be ok in the end. (for u at least)

      I think your strip should be rolled back without need of application or appeal in the next day or so. As it's been a fuck up on the rule and not really anything anyone did. :)

      I just hope that there is no more grey cloud and some clear daylight so we can finally put this whole case to rest.
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    • Daryl did nothing wrong - Jore opened the grave door and TurDonken made his way inside before it closed.
      TurDonken hid inside and convinced Jore to "come to the bank" (so he'd open the second door), that way TurDonken could make his way into the other room.

      After TurDonken tricked Jore and made his way into the main room, Jore got angry because he was unable to kill him and said "nobody is in there have fun" and eventually left.
      TurDonken stayed down there planting and went above 4K crime, which prompted Daryl to kick the door and arrest TurDonken.

      Daryl proceeded to kick the other doors looking for TurDonken's plants (which were in the hidden room with the picture) and other contraband.
      Me and sol had followed Daryl inside and I slaughtered all of the AFKs I could find (because I'm an opportunist.)

      Granted, Daryl should've arrested me as soon as I had 1800+ crime from killing those AFKs, but that's the only thing he really did wrong and considering he's a new cop, I'm not surprised he didn't notice I had cuffable crime, especially considering he was too busy trying to figure out how to get out of the maze.




      Considering cops were previously allowed to kick all doors in a base to confiscate drugs, I don't think you broke any rules. Syle has since updated the cop rule(s) as of 7/26/19 - probably because of this incident.
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