Cold Ladders - Beta

    • Cold Ladders - Beta

      Cold Stats - Banks, 'CSB' is finally being re-named to Cold Ladders.

      I have 6 ladders - They will display the top 25 in each category;

      Economy - Based off your bank.
      Combat - Based off your ELO rating.
      Playtime - How much time you've spent in the server.
      Respect - Respect points as rebel.
      Experience - Experience points as cop.
      Items - Items according to value.

      I have 6 leader categories - Incentives for players to try and be #1 in ladders;
      Largest Bank. - Most banked money.
      Best Fighter. - Highest ELO rating.
      Most Dedicated Cop. - Most Cop EXP.
      Most Respected Rebel. Most Rebel Respect.
      Deadliest Player. - Most kills in Top 25 ELO.
      Most Playtime. - Who AFK's the most.

      The above listed can be found at:
      This new beta version of the site is NOT mobile friendly so desktop viewing 16:9 ratio is recommended.

      The previous layout at is somewhat mobile friendly and I will maintain it so mobile support still exists in some form.

      Cold Ladders can also be accessed via the Elo Highscores button here on

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