Grubbsy ban appeal

  • Grubbsy ban appeal

    Your Steam ID:


    Your in-game Name:

    Who Banned you:
    Pretty sure it was Thunder shorts but it displays console on source bans

    Why you got banned:
    Prop Blocking the train/ intentional attempt to glitch the train

    Other Information you think we should know:
    I was fully aware of the consequences of my actions and I deeply regret what I did. I am sorry for the inconvenience it caused for others and I am deeply sorry. Even if this gets denied I want to take this as a chance to let you know that I Am sorry and that I meant no harm for what I did as I was only trying to see the Unstoppable force meet the immovable object.

    The only people who should post in the Ban Appeal are; The Player, Witnesses, and Staff. (Witnesses are KelpyG Sol and 1993 Caprice as I am aware of)
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  • I heard you say "it's worth a day ban"... I thought you were kidding (some of the others sounded hesitant) until I came back into server a few mins later and saw the server lag from prop/map collisions caused in train tunnel. And please do not encourage others to help you do this. I know there were others, but I stepped away and missed the details, so they get a pass. You get a day ban as you requested... enjoy.