Ratmeat Poll

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    • Ratmeat Poll

      Was Ratmeat cooler before he had admin or after? Or did he stay the same? 6
        Cooler Before Admin (2) 33%
        Cooler After Admin (0) 0%
        Always Been Cool Never Changed (0) 0%
        Ratmeat For President (4) 67%
      For those who don't know Ratmeat, he's a pretty cool guy. For those who do know him, I was wondering if you thought Ratmeat was cooler before he had admin or after he had admin or did he stay the same over the years. In my opinion he was cooler before he had admin (not that he isn't cool now) but I remember when Ratmeat was super active and would have hilarious and interesting conversations and would DM and kill so many people and trolled the shit out of people. He don't do that anymore. He just shows up a few times a month for a hour or 2 and walks around talking the whole time. No Dming and actually whines if you kill him. Sad. I dunno what got into Ratmeat but I hope he'll be ok.