Emperor Joruñe Cop Apply

  • Emperor Joruñe Cop Apply

    --Basic info--

    Age: 25
    In-Game name: Emperor Joruñe
    SteamID: (STEAM_0:0:19498235)
    Time played: 480 hours


    Do you have a mic?: Yes. I have a Mic.

    Why are you applying for Civil Protection?: I like to be Police Officer in this roleplay. Sometimes there are players who plants, prints, rob, etc So it's very important to have some cops online to cuff those criminals.

    What are the basic rules as Civil Protection?: You cant shoot a player untill he shoots first. You can't have favoritisms, You cant use !items, Cuff/Uncuff and Jail is at 1,800 + Crime.

    What is the function the Civil Protection?: Keep the server safe by arresting players who have a high crime and help new players especially when there are no administrators online.

    If a player were to be rdming you what do you do?: If im playing as Cop and a player starts doing RDM, i will try to cuff him a soon as possible, if i die and die i will try to kill him, but first i must to be shooted.

    How much time can you dedicate to the server per week(Include time zone):? i can play per Week like 14 hours

    How will you benefit the server?: Im a very active steam player, and i was admin and cop in this server.

    Is this your first time as Civil Protection?: No, as i said i was cop and admin in this server. and in servers like Petrock's RP, Bennis game server, etc

    A new player has joined the servers and no admins are on, how will you help this player?: I can show him how to play this roleplay, show him how to buy and use weapons, how to plant and print, and use some commands like !dailies and !spin .

    Anything else you would like to add?: I was cop in the past in the server, Old roleplayer cop, i love it and always try to get the TOP rank. I ony got my cop stripped 1 time and it was 10 months ago, i would like to be part of the Police department again. Im being active since August. lately I never see cops playing, so I think I can be a good option to become part of the police department again.

    --End Application--
    Emperor Joruñe: !spin
    [RP] You got 1x Covid-19 by Hand of Doom and 1x Headshoot by The Doggy!