Map Change 9/14/19 - rp_uptown_v5

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    • Map Change 9/14/19 - rp_uptown_v5


      The time has come to visit a newly revamped uptown by Mico aka Mav.

      Admins have been hard at work setting up the npcs, doors and props to personalize the map for our server.

      I plan to double check everything tomorrow night and then if its good we can switch. We will be on uptown by no later than this Saturday morning.

      Remember you do not have to sell your house before the deadline but I recommend doing so regardless.

      You can always refund your house AFTER we switch, with "sm_refunddoor rp_freemancity_kbm_v1a" in console. or by doing "!refunddoor rp_freemancity_kbm_v1a" in chat.

      If you want to see some screenshots and info about the map here Preparing for Uptown_v5