suggestion: remove pd kill boxxes

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    • suggestion: remove pd kill boxxes

      current pd has two entrances, with both the first door leads you into a tiny room with another door. most cops currently spawn with 3 smg nades. players have a 60s doorhack timer.

      w/o having unlimited cuffaw or infiltrator gang specialty, players have to doorhack into a tiny enclosed room and then withstand cop's nade spam for 60 seconds before getting through the next door, then waiting another 60s just to get through the door after that into the cells, where they can cuffsaw through the wall

      if you were to try and release a new player w/o them having to doorhack anything, it'd take a minimum of 6 minutes waiting on the doorhack cooldowns. (3 doors in, 4 doors out)

      this discourages fun pd raids since they can just spam 3 nades, die, repeat.

      i propose removing second door in the upper and lower entrance to pd so players aren't forced to repetitively spam food and armor binds and cops are challenged beyond spamming the explosives they spawn with
    • The nade box I honestly havent had this problem as there haven't been any cops online to do this, but the amount of doors in the pd is a bit excessive and takes too long if you are trying to free someone who has a 180s wait. I 100% agree.
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