cop strip

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  • I accidentally killed rRatmeat when trying to kill doggy (doggy was cuffed and was running) and I got stripped in seconds, no time to say sorry, anything. Ratmeat wasn't even bothered at the time and he doesn't remember it now. I understand what I did was dumb but I don't think I should be stripped until March 2020 when I've seen plenty of other cops do the same and get a warning. even if they've been here for a long time and "known better"
  • LittlePizzaButt always switch to Cop, when people are hardcore RDMing her.

    Once she is Cop, she shoots everyone 'on accident' and doesn't really care about it.
    This only and always happens, because she assume everyone to shoot at her. (happens when you switch to Cop during a DM)

    As Cop, you should stay calm and ONLY shoot, when you or other Cops getting shot.
    But autojumping around the cornor and immediately shooting at the first person doesnt really make a good Cop in my opinion.

    This is not her first strip. She obviously doesn't learn.