Suspecting The Doggy | Admin Abuse

  • Suspecting The Doggy | Admin Abuse

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    The Staffs In-game name:
    The Doggy

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    Discription of the Event:

    I joined the Server and put The Doggy into the jail by killing him. After that, I did my thing as usual in the morning and went to AFK and prepare to go to work.
    Couple minutes later some suspicious things happened. I got pushed away and my printer got stolen from an invisible Person.

    I realized everything by joining the Server again after my disconnect due to internet issues. My printer was gone and I could place a new Printer. Means, someone took it.

    For that, I need help and logs.

    Proof of Event:

    I didn't know where my Printer go and tried to place a new one. And it worked.

    Video proof (tick: 115000 )

    > You can hear someone going throuth my fence underneath me. Also, some suspicious commands appeard in the chat.

    Then somthing is pushing me away without the door even open and my Printer was out of sight. No locks or anything got broken aswell.
    Doggy did this kind of stuff already with me. Being invisible and unfreezing my props. I only accuse him of doing that, because I killed him and left him alone in the jail and like I said, he did this already with me before.
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