fist of fury admin abuse (again)

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  • fist of fury admin abuse (again)

    and so my question-what the fuck, why admin Fist of fury still allows itself so many? yesterday I received 1 hour ban for 3 of seconds doorblocking, okay no problem, but he added to me two hours ban after I wrote in discord "that very shame to have a ban from schoolboy". Is that normal? unless such offended children can be in administration of the server?????? Hello??????????????? 3 hours ban for joke in discord???????????? HELLO PEOPLE ???????? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    and also - i made a doorblocking when behind the door was kill thrill. i know that he is admin and he didnt ban me because he saw that it was for fun. but fucking fist of fury thought that it his deal and give me ban... not kill,. that was fist. because he is just a kid and put his nose to all deals,,,,,,, thats ridicoulus. stop this shit admins!!!!!! he cant be admin he is too stupid and young for this 100 % fact....

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  • Ok first of all

    hustler wrote:

    why admin Fist of fury still allows itself so many?
    The hell and 2nd Kill is not an admin, he has a demo of the event tho and can prove it was one. I have to put my nose into detail that is my job as an admin and even if it was "for fun" it is still against the rules also it was in combat to make things even worse. It was the 2nd time in a row that you Door blocked. I was not witness of the first time but on the second time I saw it and took action and banned you for 1h. I then continued to check if it was your first ban for Door blocking and as seeing here:…TEAM_0:1:102815895&Submit it was your second time so double the first hour of your first ban and add an extra hour and we have 3h. All this happend while you made your cmd and deleted it right after wich made you think the ban was doubled due to your cmd.