Collective Apology

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  • Collective Apology

    In game name - Raja
    Steamid - N/A

    Why were you banned :

    Please unban man I miss playing hl2rp, I wont talk to anyone but my friends it was all a big misunderstanding I know it's been flipped everyway I just genuinely felt wronged, I told him he was muted while my volume was really just off, I had no idea why he no clipped right in front of me and had I had my volume on and been listening to him instead of taking it for face value as what I saw I would've understood, I sent koala a long apology about a month ago to no prevail I know I was in the wrong with alot of what happend, but if you cant admit that the timing of no clip after him killing me and me going for revenge is suspicious then that's fine, he had stated hes "known about it for a long time" yes that was the moment he decided to do something, I dont have anything against him nor anyone people are people man I am sorry to koala and mean stuff I said to doom.

    Other Information you think we should know:

    I will listen to all admins and not report one again.

    Till the end Comrades! Wherever the intent lies!

    The only people who should post in the Ban Appeal are; The Player, Witnesses, and Stone Cold Steve Austin
  • Because I told you to ban me everywhere on discord and called you a retard bitch.
    No i don't believe i was wronged nor did i say that man, and deffinately didnt say my actions were excusable, however I'm unsure why if the admin knew about it for a while why he never fixed my props and decided to no clip to my house at the time of me coming to revenge kill him, I've realized its just none of my business i suppose. So no nothing you had just assumed was correct.

    I'm not sure what it is you have against me man, your really nice when no one else is around and it's just you and I talking but I would like to play rp and if someone is going to be like that i just wont engage with them thats not hard for me, I will still respect your word and not have you muted, the way you're implying I may have felt wronged seems to be manipulative in it's own as if it would be wrong if I did feel that way and maybe I'm wrong to assume that, like you said it's the way it seems, and just like your assumption e it may not be the reality.
  • I'm not sure why you quoted it but I'm not trying to manipulate anything I disagree on some things but I'm not coming to make an issue over anything or cause any trouble im sorry for my part in everything I just want to play rp i dont have anything against either of you , and no no one said its admins that dont like me I said its you I was banned for calling you a retard and telling you to ban me everywhere and I'm sorry for that and what I said to you and for how i treated koala really everything that was my fault I am sorry man i dont know what more to say.