kelpy gay cop abuse

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  • Could Not Download Demo but I saw it both times.

    levochpok wrote:

    he such a stupid and killed my brother

    levochpok wrote:

    Your in-game name: hustler
    So who is writing this?

    Just to be clear, after being hit by Buddy and I with the revolver (which hustler was also holding at the time) kelpy couldn't see anyone else other than hustler, and killed him on instinct twice (I saw both times). I have been in that position before where multiple people are shooting at me with the same gun and its a simple mistake. In my opinion I don't think kelpy should be banned because he cant see who is shooting him at all times.

    Also hustler, using your brothers account to post because you're banned is a little against the rules, maybe don't, thanks. :thumbsup:
    A-well-a-bird, bird, bird is the word! Don't you know about the bird? Everybody knows that the bird is the word!
  • So let me get this straight. You’re banned, your alleged brother is playing on the server and then when he is killed multiple times by kelpy (I have yet to watch the demo) somehow instead of your brother posting you are posting on his account yet you claim it was also you in game

  • Forum account of op banned for three days as of yesterday (12/22/19).

    Lots of infractions of rule breaking from op and your staff abuse report is void as you were ban evading in multiple manners as well as misleading the staff regarding you and your “brothers” identity. Do it again and you will not be welcomed to play again and I will see you will not be allowed on the forums.