PRoblem with Lockpick and Door hack and a possible solution

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    • PRoblem with Lockpick and Door hack and a possible solution

      so i want to infiltrate a base, i know there are 5 doors ahead of me so this equals at alease 5 minutes,
      but i have a door hack/lockpick 1,2,3

      problem is the cooldown is on the player using it not the item,
      if i had all 3 items each with various cooldowns and non have been used in days then i should be able to use all 3 to get through the first 3 doors
      and then use my 3 another 2 times for a total of 3 minutes

      we need the cool down to be on each item type not globally on the player,

      alternate idea

      allow the user to store up 3 uses of the item, so the can be used 1 after the other in accordance with the cooldown,

      example with lockpick 3: lockpick storage 1, wait 60 seconds, lockpick storage 2, wait 60 seconds, lockpick storage 3, wait 60 seconds, cant storage anymore, but can continue to use lockpick ever 60 seconds or use a stored pick
    • I understand what you are describing, but imo this is one of those "spirit vs. letter of the law" sort of things. You are suggesting that if you have 3 picks, then each should be treated separately with their respective cooldowns allowed on a per-item basis. My opinion is that this defeats the spirit of the pick/hack item progression which I think was intended to allow for an upgrade path to entice players to grind for better tools... (driving the economy aspect of the game) which is why the refund mechanism is in the game for these selected items via re-buy vendors. I think this circumvents the original intent and game mechanics.