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    • * Garry's Mod RP Server *

      - I hope many agree with me when I say this, and we can make this happen!
      - I feel like Syle has been very successful with dark RP servers, and although the HL2DM is very successful as it is, I feel as if Syle was to start a Dark RP on Garry's Mod, the community can definitely get the server to pop almost instantly! I bet a lot of players will see Syle's name and realize how popular and great of a server it is, and would consider playing on it! It would also be a great asset, because once the server is established, many players will want to donate for certain ranks just as HL2DM which will keep both servers up and running!
      - With this being said, I am very sure Syle will not have a hard time having staff prepared to play gmod, committed just as the staff on the HL2DM server!
      If I told you I was different, would you understand the difference?
    • It's not a good idea for several reasons:

      1. We have no developers that use lua or even want to use lua, so any addons besides base darkrp syle will have to pay for himself.
      2. We already have a dwindling playerbase, we don't want to split them up by having them on different servers.
      3. Similar to 2 but most of our players are familiar with hl2rp and won't want to switch.