need a clear rule on when it is appropriate to disconnect when raiding a house or base

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    • need a clear rule on when it is appropriate to disconnect when raiding a house or base

      In many cases when players have sliding doors(up down or left right) or when attacking with blow torches, sooner or later a player will get stuck inside, sometimes when no one knows you are there and others when they do, What is a reasonable amount of time a raider can wait before disconnecting,

      I personally experienced this the only advice I was given was well when your combat flag is over just type kill in console and loose your kill.

      I think if a person does like myself and wait 5 minutes a disconnect should be allowed especially when you see the owner outside not doing anything and chatting up asking for help.

      Like I said there should be a reasonable limit before a raider can disconnect, 5 minute/ 10, 15?

      I think it is a serious enough question to have the rule makers talk it over.
    • I had told you that in this specific scenario where you had followed them in, killed them, and stole money from their printer that if you had no way of getting out it would have made the most sense to kill yourself and abandon the money you stole. Rather than leaving the server and coming back so you can safely get away and deposit it. Thats just my take. Other admins can weigh in and give their opinion. Also why do you have two forum accounts china?
    • My advice is, I wouldn’t go into a base with locks I can’t break because that makes me stuck, don’t put yourself in situations you can’t get out of and you wouldn’t have to disconnect in the first place. If the owner is coming back they’re probably coming back to get their stuff, the whole point of locks is to keep the place secure, not so you can disconnect when you don’t have a way to get around them . Kill them and get out or camp until you die. It’s not a hard concept to understand