Annoying turret in PD, human shields

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    • Annoying turret in PD, human shields

      So this is a suggestion and a clarification of the rules. I had a really annoying box player continually stand in front of another person shooting at me, acting as a human shield and then shooting me also when I'm not paying attention to him. If this is the case, can I shoot the player on sight if it is clear he's intentionally blocking my view of a hostile player?

      The suggestion is in regards to the turret in the PD. Currently shooting someone with that turret doesn't count as a kill. I had the same player that was being a human shield come into PD repeatedly and man that turret. I wanted to just let him kill me until I could arrest him to get him out of the way but he instead manned that turret and blocked the door. In this situation it's pretty clear that as a cop you have no recourse to do anything at all. You can't shoot first, you cannot arrest a player. That is just no fun. If you're going to have the stupid laser gun in the PD at least make it so that when you kill someone with it you get crime. I'm pretty sure there is a way to do this.