My house keeps eating printers and other items

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    • My house keeps eating printers and other items

      Since I have moved into my new residence, my house has ate 3 of my printers, and 6 weed pots/plants.
      I also brought a shipment crate to my house this morning and it spawned a pinata, it ate that as well.
      My home must be very hungry!!

      I have tried to spawn my printers in different areas and/or try to be in same spot to where it has
      successfully spawned before but from time to time it still eats them....

      Not sure what to do, I can blow the printer and wait 5 min but that is 5k each I'm out each time plus all the items it fills with when you spawn it. I'm not so worried about
      the weed because that's not as expensive. Any help would be greatly appreciated. =D

      I have included a demo of the non view-able printer that I spawned about 15 min ago.

      Thank You

      I also want to state due to some comments on discord, it does not matter where I stand in my house when trying to use these items.
      It has happenes in open space, on top of the counter, next to a prop. I dont know...
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    • Uberkist wrote:

      maybe i left an ent that deletes shit in there lmao ill check soon but there would be no reason for it to be there
      If so i maybe you can move it to Ruff`s house ? :evil:
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