Jomar admin application

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    • Jomar admin application

      Steam Name:Jomar

      Steam id:STEAM_1:1:34476933


      How long have you been a part of our community(either server)?:
      Since i was 13

      What does being a staff member entail?:Why do you believe that you deserve to be granted a trial-staff position?:
      Ive never been an admin before and I’ve been playing on this server for a very long time. So I wanted to start somewhere I feel comfortable

      Do you have any previous staffing experience(s) (List community and, if possible, rank)?:

      Do you understand the basic commands of our server that we use? If so please list how to do the following(Completely):
      a). Kicking a player: Nope
      b). Banning a player(for one day): Nope
      c). Creating a prop: Nope
      d). Freezing a prop:Nope
      e). Saving a prop: Nope
      f). Connecting a prop to a door: Nope
      g). How to look up any SourceMod command: Nope

      Explain how you would handle the following situations:

      A player says they suspect another player of hacking:
      Keep an eye on them until I see it for myself, or if more than one person is accusing said hacker than most likely a kick/ban.

      A cop is rdming other players:

      Ask to stop once as a warning. Then after a kick, and then after a cop strip. (Three chances)

      A rebel is rdming players under ten hours:

      Ask him to please stop and be respectful, if he keeps repeating his action than maybe a simple kick should do the trick or jail time for a certain amount of time.

      A new player connects whom has never played lite rp before:

      I love teaching new guys everything. And I know just about everything of this servers rp!

      A player says they have lost their cop due to a mess up:
      “Well apply again and see what all the other staff think of you”

      Have you read and understood the community rules?:
      Yes I have. Many times

      Do you understand that it will be your job to enforce these rules?:
      Yes I do.

      Do you understand that you as a staff member are still to abide by these rules along with others pertaining to staff?:

      Do you understand that misuse of your rank will result in your immediate removal as well as other possible consequences such as a ban?:
      I completely understand.

      That being said, take a leap of faith with me and teach me the ways <3
      only love