The Gang

    • heres some gang specialties i think u should add

      pimps can psychically connect with a stripper to earn 2 respect and a cut of the pay when a person uses their services

      simps spend their money on strippers but are physically unable to hit it and lose 2 respect in the process

      big dogg
      has the ability to eat fast food to gain overheal but is slow af and will probably die at the age of 40

      has an increased chance to win the casino but also a small chance to get perm banned

      respect from killing fools scales with money on hand, ex. 20k in cash = 2 additional respect per kill

      movement speed increases with crime and screen gets progressively more fucked up wit alcohol effects

      thug dont care thug have to be cuffed twice to go to jail at the cost of 20 respect

      raps on the mic and can create a poll, earns 2 respect per good vote, loses 2 per bad vote

      thats all for now remember to like comment and subscribe