New Player Helpful Hints and Tricks Guide

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    • New Player Helpful Hints and Tricks Guide

      Beamed's Guide of Helpful Hints/Tricks for New Players!
      New Player! Welcome to Cold Community!

      Aside from this guide make sure to check out the Rules!

      Cold Community is always hiring Civil Protection. Minimum hour requirement of 80 hours(3days 8hours)

      Best tips as a "Box Player"
      - It only last 10 hours! Take advantage!
      - It's the best time to make money!
      - Nobody can mess with you unless you mess with them. So don't shoot at anybody!
      - Robbing is a good way to make money. You can rob the NPC's below, but not Breen!
      Double Click Shift while looking at a NPC to start the robbery, then wait around until it says you've robbed all the money.
      You can choose the "Robber" job, but this doubles your money and crime.
      NPC's can be robbed every 300 seconds.
      - Growing weed in an un-owned house is a good way to start making money.
      First you need to visit the Weed Vendor to get all your supplies!
      Type !items, locate planting supplies, spawn a pot, then your soil, hemp seed, and water then watch it grow. (Not really)
      Set a timer for 15 minutes! Then fully harvest your plants at (300g)
      Sell your weed to Monk!
      - Printing money is another good way to make money, although it is a bit pricey for a newer player!
      - Make sure to get your !dailies done, also collect that daily !spin
      - Try to find the shipment when it gets delivered! You'll be able to notice it.
      - Sanitation Job is a good one! Collect the trash around the ground and on roof-tops!

      NPC Vendors!
      Refer to the link below; Match up with the name with the NPC so you can get to know them better!…kmCAGzzvcdedjDoLW6veOjunU
      Breen - Jobs! Type /job for more information about that job!
      Gman - Banker! Double Click E for quick-deposit!
      Alyx - Food Vendor!
      Alyx - Also Prop Vendor!
      Kleiner - Prop Eater Vendor!
      Kleiner - Health Vendor!
      Monk - Gun Dealer!
      Monk - Weed Buyer!
      Barney - Ammo Dealer!
      Barney - Also Lockpicks/Door-hacks!
      Eli - Sells locks/lock breakers!
      Eli - Also Weed Vendor!
      Eli - Also Drug Vendor!
      Mossman - Printing Vendor!
      Vort - Sellback Vendor!
      Vort - Also Disguise Vendor!

      - Reading through the !motd/Forums is good idea!
      - You can either use a command with a ! or /. Example - /command or !command / is silent command, ! is saying command outloud.
      - Type /tutorial to help get you started with the basics!
      - You can type !spin for a daily spin!
      - You can type !dailies for daily challenges! Daily Challenges
      - Always make sure to deposit your cash! Your cash will fall if you die from suicide/killed by another player!
      - When buying items from an NPC, press E on banker first, then run to the store then withdrawal the money to play it a bit safer!
      - Growing weed or printing money is the best way to make money!
      - Growing weed takes 15 minutes fully grow.
      - Buy a house once you've made enough money! Cheapest house starts around $45,000!
      - Have an admin prop your house! Find admins by typing /admins or !admins
      Although having cool props in your house will make it look good, you will want a base that is challenging for players to get to you!
      - Check Commands ! They definitely come in handy!
      - Check out the whole forums/motd!
      - You will use !items often so bind it!
      bind (KEY) "sm_items"

      Are you enjoying the server?
      - Accepting donations for VIP (Golden or Silver)

      Not fully finished - Will be making constant edits!
      If I told you I was different, would you understand the difference?

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    • press ctr+f then type !
      It's magical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Either he's really excited or mad im not sure... because usually if someone does this they are fed up with teaching new players.
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