Master Wong ban appeal

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  • Master Wong ban appeal

    Your Steam ID:

    Your in-game Name: "." (Known as Master Wong, China Boy)

    Why you got banned: I was banned for ban evasion multiple times and disrespecting staff. I was also banned on the forums for shit posting stuff I thought was funny at the time.

    Other Information you think we should know: I was banned 500+ days ago from now and feel like I should have the ban lifted as I've matured since. What I did was stupid and immature and I apologise for the people that had to put up with it such as the admins etc. If I am let back onto the server I won't come back as the same annoying "Chinaboy" that you all know but a chilled out, mature one that is looking to have fun and not cause trouble within the community. I hope you take what's been said into consideration and lift my ban as I've had quite the time to think about it. -Master Wong :love: :thumbup:
  • As a mate of 'Master Wong', yes he has made his fair share of mistakes n pissed some people off. But it has been 500+ days since he has been banned and I believe he deserves another chance solely because there's nothing wrong with having more people on the server but once again he has made mistakes. I still believe he deserves a second chance and see how he returns back and his impact on the server. If given another chance I would like to see how he will play as a member of COLD community again.

    Anyone feel free to share your opinion on this ^^^^
    OI OI OI

  • For anyone who does not know him:…n/&postID=56356#post56356…y/&postID=56480#post56480

    What I can remember was him being a complete dickhead to our staff. After getting banned he came on with multible alt accounts and by doing it so bumping his ban to perm. Im also pretty sure it was that guy who was then caught cheating.

    I dont know how he is now, if he matured or not. I have no trust on him and for the things he did in the past its a -1 .
    I want to hear the other staff members opinion on this tho. Especially the ones who where here when this drama took place.
  • Oof I remember this. You were quite the troll. Not everyone believes in second chances. You did own up to your mistakes and apologized for them but just because you said sorry doesn't mean much, you've got to be able to prove that you truly are sorry and have changed. Maybe you should be given a short time to prove yourself and going off how things go admins decide if you should stay permbanned or able to keep playing.
    “no admin for nova“- The Doggy 7/3/2018 @21:50pm (9:50pm)
  • Going to Deny this Appeal.

    You may have changed but a Punishment is a Punishment and since you keep logging on the Server while banned by using Alts you're effectively Ban Evading and thus will remain Banned.

    Your sentence is a year and a half from today. So roughly 10/4/2021, each new offense of Ban Evasion will result in your time being doubled. So 3 years, then 6 then 12 ect.