Suggestion: Map Change or Next Map Rotation

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    • The PD is absolutely garbo, especially the spawnpoints. Not the best map, not the worst map. I wouldn't mind a map change, but i do understand that there is alot of work that goes into a map change and I could see how changing the map after a month and then having a short map time again before the change could be a pain. I say we can either bite the bullet for 2 more months and have a map switch, or we could have a map switch now and put it on a 5 month timeline. The safe option would be to bite the bullet, or we could risk it for the biscuit and have a 5 month map. Ultimately no matter what the public opinion is it will be up to the people in charge, either way I plan on being around for 2 months to see the next map either way.

      So today the server has crashed 3 times already, it has been averaging about 6-8 hours before crashing. The helicopter and strider have been blocked off, the crystal and wand have been hidden so they aren't being used. And the majority of the population has been afking. I don't know too much about whats causing the crashing but its starting to become unplayable. I've lost money because a lottery was running during the crash. I've lost plants, printers, plenty of weapons and more due to the crashes to the point where i don't even want to be around after the 4ish hour mark cuz I'm just going to lose out on stuff. We also had 5 potential new people that looked like they were going to continue to play and get into RP today but each time the server crashed on them they didn't bother coming back because of the crash. I'm not saying a map change needs to be done, but something seriously needs to change as far as the server crashing.