Ban Appeal For Discord

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  • Ban Appeal For Discord

    Banned Account: Klitty # 2046
    Today I apologize formally to my fellow players and staff.
    As i have returned to the server, I have not returned to my old ways.

    Im here today asking for input and forgiveness from anyone i may have wronged intentionally or unknowingly as i am furthering the way i carry myself in game to be a better player in the community, i more than often will add comic relief in ways that are more toxic than most, aimed at some players who have minimal idea who I am.

    I believe that some of the newer players who have spoken out against me since my return are now more aware of my "act" and that I in now way intend to hurt them or anyone else for that matter.

    I also would like for all reading this if ever do say something that offends you, JUST MAKE IT KNOWN.
    Regardless of the player or staff, and regardless of issues we've had you have ALL become people i care for tremendously and wish to only make your time on the server filled with fun and comedy.

    Another thing, I am now aware that the accent i use as good as it may be has become somewhat of an annoyance to a few players, Im currently looking into ceasing it, or changing the accent.

    Now more directly for discord i have posted obscene things or just argued when i should've listened and i apologize, id like to rejoin the community with the assurance that i will behave accordingly and remain as effectively stable as i have in game.
    There are certain admin(s) i have wronged and as a result i had been removed for what i would see as disrespect/insubordination.
    I have no issue going into detail on these counts, however for now out of respect until asked i will leave them out of the appeal post, and instead offer a sincere apology to them and anyone else i have wronged.

    Stay coLD
  • Clitt just helped a new player and he was nice the hole time 8o i have never heard him talk soo long ( 5 sentences) without using the "DONT MAKE ME ANGRY" / "DONTT PISS ME OFF".......I am scared hiding in my house til he leave the server...........
    If life treats you bad, always remember to do you dailie spin and when you have counted all the fucking new Crowbars
    then you realize that your day just went from bad to worse!