Suggestions to possibly help with server crashes and other issues.

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    • Suggestions to possibly help with server crashes and other issues.

      Today the server has crashed 3 times already and after a bit of a think tank with a couple admins and other players, we have found some other things that might be attributing to the common server crashes. The main thing was the fact that there are TONS of props that are on the map that are not linked to the door. So even though the owners/key holders are not there, the props still stand. And alot of these props are fences going through walls and colliding with themselves. The overall job is unclean. I have a few screenshots of places with props that are there even when the owners/key holders are not online. I also took a small video of 2 doors in an apartment complex that are linked together somehow and will open/close when the other one opens/closes. The video is a minor detail but the main thing is all the props that are around constantly even when those people are not online. Please look into getting these props either linked properly or removed to possibly extend the uptime of the server.

      Messed Up Doors Video:…wzyUnXgu/view?usp=sharing
    • Confirmed, I saw this myself where the properties mentioned had all, or some props not linked to doors still when no keyholders were in server. I would suggest allowing a day or two to let owners get with their popping admins to fix this. After a couple of days, if no action, how about we just delete all the props in improperly linked properties? Other suggestions welcome, just seems like an easy fix... either fix it or lose them, and then make sure they are set up correctly next time. Is it possible that door/prop links are corrupted? Some of these were done by name brand proppers, lol.