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    • Can we get fishing? There's a small pond on abusemecity, which I'm pretty sure is about to win the map poll. Perhaps we could have another job like sanitation. Go to the pond, press e on it, wait for your little bobber to get highlighted and bounce up, then press e again to catch the fish. Store them up and sell to some fish vendor. Maybe give a very rare chance to catch a giant shark worth a lot of money, or a crab pet or something, and you've got yourself a fun little mini-game job that pays ok (around as much as sanitation), and doesn't have you sitting behind a hundred thousand locks all day.

      It's getting extremely boring only having 4 or 5 jobs that are ever really worth doing, so I thought I'd suggest something to do when you're bored of everything else and just want to chill and watch a video or talk in vc. Little mini game with a chance of getting something cool to keep you doing it every once in a while, that's all.