China's Moment of Genius

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    • China's Moment of Genius

      Today, 6/19/20, I have witnessed one of the most impressive schemes in my 10+ years on HL2DM RP. As some may know, China Syndrome and I have had a long-standing feud, which quite honestly has left me frustrated many times. He'll break my locks, I'll try to kill him a couple times, then it passes. Well about 30 minutes ago, this sneaky bastard fooled me through and through.

      Earlier today I noticed China had a gang tag (SEA), belonging to Nemo. I took note but didn't worry about it. As I was running about as Cop, China got crime and intentionally had me notice he was standing in a fenced-off balcony belonging to a SEA associate directly across from Nemo's base. Shortly after, China broke 500 of my locks. I raged a bit, made some threats, and he logged off. My mind was set on breaking Nemo's, Fungus', and anyone else associated with SEA's locks as soon as everyone was asleep tonight. This stunt would've cost me nearly 5m.

      Just out of curiosity I started seeing if there was a way into the fenced-off balcony without door access, and learned there was! False corner you can jump right into. I deduced that since he doesn't have door access, and Nemo isn't a fan of his, good probability he faked the gang tag. In short, the entire thing was a ruse to get me to spend millions of dollars pointlessly. Which, if that would've happened, my rage would've been insurmountable. And I'm sure the owners of said bases wouldn't have been pleased either. The amount of depth put into this scheme is paramount to anything I have seen on HL2DM, and China you sir are a legend in my book.

      TL;DR China Syndrome almost fooled me into burning through millions of dollars with an incredibly crafty tactic I've yet to see. He faked a gang tag, set me up perfectly, and logged off at just the right moment. Absolute legend. :thumbup: