Suggestion for new gang specialty

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    • Suggestion for new gang specialty

      Suggestion for new gang specialty: Drug Dealer. I have two concepts for this specialty.

      1. The drug dealer specialty will serve a similar role to the snowden specialty. Its focus is to provide an upgraded version of the drug grower job. It will accomplish this by either increasing how much weed you can grow in one plant (e.g. 400 grams instead of 300 grams), or how much 1 gram of weed can sell for (e.g. $8 instead of $6).

      2. The drug dealer specialty will, once again, serve a similar role to the snowden specialty. However, this time its focus is to provide an upgraded version of the drug runner job. It will succeed in doing this by either decreasing how much crime you get from doing a run (e.g. 300 crime total from one run instead of 500 crime total), increase how much of a multiplier you earn from completing a run (e.g. 4x multiplier instead of a 3x multiplier), or increase the maximum amount of money you can earn from one run (e.g. a possibility of $900 maximum instead of only $600 maximum).

      These numbers can obviously be adjusted accordingly. I want this specialty to compete with snowden or at least shake up the "meta" a bit.
    • We could do both. The drug grower one could be a specialty like Master Grower.
      This specialty could grow a higher quality weed and be a different item that sells for more, this would add risk to the specialty as people will be more likely to target them because they would get the higher quality weed to sell themselves. This would balance a value buff that they get. And if they were to be able to grow more instead of sell for more they could maybe have a higher multiplier for crime, this would balance the buff they get for this specialty.

      And for the drug runner one it could be something like Courier Elite.
      I don't feel that decreasing the amount of crime you get based on a specialty would be great, as it would be such a minor buff. But a multiplier increase does sound like a good idea. The job itself is very underutilized so I don't feel that a buff like this for a specialty would need a counterbalance to the buff like the drug grower buff would.