Hustler SOC

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  • --Your information--

    IGN: MeTaL ^x^
    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:29287041
    Steam Profile:

    --Accused member information--

    IGN: Hustler
    SteamID: (STEAM_0:1:205631791)
    Steam Profile:

    What rules did said player break?: Suicide Out of Combat.

    Your description of what your demo/screenshots contains: 3 different examples of them using explosives during combat to suicide.

    Witnesses at the scene: N/A

    Was there an admin online at the time?: Yes

    If the previous question was yes why did they not deal with this?: admin was afk

    Does this player have any previous bans?: Yes. He has been banned for Disconnecting out of combat, killing under 10s, and ban evasion.

    Proof of rule breaking:
    1. Killing themselves with RPG during combat, they aim at the floor after having 1 hp left and suicide.…5KUkYEAH/view?usp=sharing
    2. Killing themselves with RPG during combat, they again aim at the floor when firing.…q8OYISOw/view?usp=sharing
    3. Killing themselves with SMG Grenade during combat, wasn't even aiming in my direction.…gDLWu3Qz/view?usp=sharing

    2 and 3 were back to back examples of SOC, I trimmed them down because they were about 2 minutes apart. Just let me know if you need the 2 examples together.
  • In the first video out of the three you can see him aim down at the ground so it looks like he blew himself up intentionally. In the other two clips it looks like he just had low health and killed himself on accident by being to close to the explosion. I am curious to hear someone elses input though
  • Nobody wrote:

    In the other two clips it looks like he just had low health and killed himself on accident by being to close to the explosion.
    In the second RPG clip he curves the RPG itself to the floor, and in SMG grenade example he isn't even aiming my direction when firing the SMG grenade. When you fire an RPG or SMG grenade at someone I understand aiming at someones feet out in the open, but especially in a closed space it doesn't make sense to aim at the floor unless you are intentionally damaging yourself.
  • After reviewing all 3 of these, my view is 1st video he clearly twitches the rpg directly down in front of him and fires. On #2, it's not as clear as to whether it was intentional, or just a fuckup in the heat of battle. On vid #3 he does not produce an rpg at all, which is evident when he is killed... as the smg he was still holding falls to the ground. I do see the explosion in front of him, but can't tell if it's an smg nade launched by him, or an RPG round shot at him by 'Kill... the video does not show a nade projectile, nor the red sweep of an RPG laser by another player. So IMO, 1 looks legit, 2&3 are inconclusive. Will wait to see what other admins say about their views on these 3 vids. Thanks for the submissions!
  • ThunderShorts wrote:

    I do see the explosion in front of him, but can't tell if it's an smg nade launched by him, or an RPG round shot at him by 'Kill... the video does not show a nade projectile, nor the red sweep of an RPG laser by another player.
    If the explosion was caused by 'Kill it would show him killing hustler in the kill feed. Not only that but even though its muffled you can here the SMG nade fire sound. On top of that if you go into settings and set the playback speed to half you can actually see the SMG Grenade exit his SMG and hit the ground where the explosion happened.
  • Point taken on the feed, missed that. So I downloaded your video, and ran it through my own tools, and found the frames where the nade is clearly visible, and aimed at ground, not at you. The fact that your RPG shot took him down to 2-HP was not lost on me either... I'm calling this a solid 2 out of 3 of these vids show SOC. See still frame I grabbed and cropped from video:

    Considering the previous ban history of Hustler (multiple bans, last one was 1 month), in combination with this latest SOC (multiple), I am doubling this ban length to 2 months, vs. an outright perm ban. Please consider the rules, and try to abide by them when you are allowed to return. See you at the end of September.
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  • So, I was in game during most/all of this and would like to share a few things. Firstly, kill and metal both obviously have an agenda against hustler, as evidenced by their constant berating of him over mic in the server (would like to see either of them be able to hold a conversation in a non native language) during all of this and their attitude towards killing him and anyone associated with him.

    Before any killing started, hustler was having his apartment propped by bird whilst kill was inside the apartment trying to antagonize hustler into starting shit. A few times hustler had shot at kill and kill proceeded to tell bird to kick hustler for killing him which is pretty funny since there's no rule against killing people that are in your apartment trying to get a reaction so that punishment would be taken against them.

    Ok, so moving on to the videos I want to state as I have multiple times before that demos are the best way for us to assess situations and I will be outright denying any future ban requests that do not include a demo. In every video here hustler has only two choices, either keep shooting and try to kill the attacker (which given the earlier antagonizing by both kill and metal I would say hustler would want to kill them at all costs) or to give up attacking and just die. The only reason kill and metal are not in the same situation as hustler is because they were using sex, they both would have killed themselves multiple times during the skirmish if they did not have more hp than any explosive weapon can deal.

    In the first video, hustler is brought down to 1hp and would've died if he shot an rpg almost regardless of where it impacted. He attempted to kill metal with another rpg shot and died. Unintentional.

    In the second video, hustler is again brought down to low hp by metal and you can clearly see hustlers rpg fire from an almost 90 degree angle from where hustlers playermodel is facing, which is why you CANNOT ever trust anything you see from another players perspective regarding movement based actions that are dictated by prediction. Rocket landed damaging metal and killing hustler. Unintentional.

    In the third video, metal fires a point blank rpg, bringing hustler down to 2hp and it would've killed metal if he had 100hp. Hustler fires an smg nade at metal, damaging metal and killing hustler. Unintentional.

    Given that all of these were in the heat of combat and none of them look like hustler intentionally did it to gain anything I'm overruling this decision and unbanning hustler and since thunder has already reset hustlers door for his racist remarks there is no need for any additional punishment.

    Hustler will be unbanned and kill will have his trusted position removed as I have lost all faith that he would be able to appropriately deal with situations as an administrator.