Snowden Nerf

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    • Snowden is easily the best job in the game by far to gain money if you plan to be somewhat active on the server (which is pretty much everyone). I believe snowden should work like the lockbreaker specialty. You do not have a 100% chance to break an extra lock with 1 lockbreaker. So, in theory snowden should not have a 100% chance to get an extra software. It should be more like a 50% chance to earn an extra software, or whatever number is good for balancing concerns.

      or you can add some new specialties/jobs to compete with snowden ;))))))
      *cough cough*…y/&postID=58624#post58624 *cough cough*
    • WHattttt Too OP? NOoooooooo 100% not, Altho it takes atleast 6min to do one loop of the map right now that's 28 computers (excluding VIP) which is 56 software, if we say that 50% of the software you get are bank software thats 28 bank software every 6 min, there are 1440 min in a day so if you were to hack for 24h straight you would get 240 loops, (amount of loops around the map) 240 x 28 (the theoretical 50% bank software from each loop) you get 6720 bank account software for 24h of hacking, now lets say you make $600 per bank software, 6720 x 600 = 4032000

      It would take almost 25 days of pure snowdening to get to 100mil

      [(1440/6) x ({28 x 2}/2)] x 600 = $4032000
      [(1440/6) x 28] x 600 = $4032000
      [240 x 28] x 600 = $4032000
      6720 x 600 = $4032000

      A-well-a-bird, bird, bird is the word! Don't you know about the bird? Everybody knows that the bird is the word!
    • Birddieboo wrote:

      Altho it takes atleast 6min to do one loop of the map right now
      takes me less than 5 minutes. one time i had 81 seconds to spare lmao.

      Also 25 days of pure snowden is 100mil? That means only 5 days is 20 mil, which is number 6 in eco leaderboards right now. Or 10 days is 40mil, which is number 2 in eco leaderboards. You wanna know how those players with 27mil, 30mil, 35 mil, oh and DOA with 100 mil, mainly got their money? I'll let you take a guess.

      But it does not surprise me that you would be defending snowden given the fact that you spent 12 hours a day for like a week straight just doing snowden. You did not do that for any other job. Why? Is it because the other jobs are not OP?

      Let me throw some more numbers in. Drug Grower - It takes about 15 minutes to grow a set of 3 plants. 1440 min in a day = 96 sets of plants. 96 x 3 = 288 individual plants you can grow in a day. 288 x 300 = 86400 grams in a day. 86400 x 6 = $518,400 in a day from drug grower. Snowden is ~7.7x better than drug grower.

      Counterfeitter - Takes about 75-90 minutes to finish one 20k printer. We'll do 75 minutes for more money, which is about 19 20k printers in a day. That's only 380k. Snowden is ~10.6x better than counterfeitter.

      Any other job you want me to compare snowden with? Either way, snowden would win.
    • I would like to see more jobs live up to being better than snowden, snowden gets annoying but of course it's not something you can automate, I think that obviously because drug grower can be automated and you can do it without trying/low risk it would make sense to have it not make nearly as much as snowden. I'd like to see drug dealer get a buff though, or possibly new jobs (reskins idgaf just something different to look at)

      buffing drug dealer and/or drug runner like in this post would be neat though…y/&postID=58624#post58624
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    • The thing is there is Multiple different types of software, so even currently you don't have a 100% chance to get an extra money making software, or money at all. The lockbreacking specialty you are still guaranteed to at least break one lock. Meanwhile with hacking you only have a chance, and even then snowden just doubles it. Other jobs just need a rework is all. Both drug growing and printing are more passive too. Printing especially. With hacking you have to be completely Active with your job, unlike the other two. Drug runner def needs a buff.
    • OK - Firstly in all the theoretical money making we need to introduce a pooping and eating constant.
      Say 1 large (10 min) shitting session every 8 hours, plus the same (25 min) for eating.
      Then there has to be a Jailtime variable. 6,720 bank account hacks in a day would create about 3.3M crime points.
      If you get about 180 secs for about 4K crimre that's is about 42 hours in jail (every 24 hours of constant hacking)

      Jobs... (Sanitation) Can we have a large pickup reward for zombie and antlion corpses? Pleeeeeeeeese!

      Also, New job: "Koolaid Troll". With high reward for a Koolaid Rage Quit and massive reward for a Koolaid Rage Roar.
      A "Lawdog!!!!" = the same as killing an Antlion, $15K????????

      oooh! oooooh! Can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take the audio from the Rage Roar footage "Lawdog!!!" and have it play everytime an Antlion dies!!! OMG!