this ban is too harsh

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  • this ban is too harsh

    Your Steam ID: STEAM_0 :1:102815895

    Your in-game Name: hustler

    Why you got banned: that day I bought a new house on the server and the admins kindly made me great props. after that, a number of players occupied my house and started killing me without letting me get inside. I tried to kill them in every way and it was pretty funny. birdieboo also helped me. our numerous attempts to kill enemies did not bring results and birdieboo told me that I should log off the server and reconnect. I didn't know that it was illegal , because when I left the server, I was already dead and on the street, and I thought that there was no DOC on my side . plus, I had to restart the game because the console didn't turn on . I decided to restart the game at the same time . I left the server and when I started the game again, I saw that I was banned. I didn't even understand why, because all my actions were prompted by the birdieboo request and I trusted it. I didn't know that the admin could tell you to do something illegal and that you can't restart the game when someone is in your database..
    I think this ban is dishonest, especially 6 months is too harsh. for my part, for all the time that I was on the server - I have never done this violation before and did not suspect that it is illegal. after all, I just got out of the game from the street and went back in. the reason for the ban is written that this is a doc, but in fact-I did not participate in the fight at the time of exiting the game. I left the game only after death, specifically to avoid your ban. I learned the server rules a long time ago and try to follow them .
    I do not consider myself guilty for two reasons : 1-I quit the game after death to restart the game because the console did not work
    2-I participated in the battle with the admin birdieboo and did what he says because I thought that the admin does not have the right to tell you to do illegal things .
    thank you for your attention

    Other Information you think we should know: im apologize . i didnt tryed brake the rules. i just played for fun . this is first time when i got banned for that special thing and if you will unban me - im promise never do this shit again blyat
  • Yea I thought it was legal aswell, completely my fault. I don't believe hustler wanted to get banned, he just thought that since I was saying it, it was okay. At least reduce his ban a little bit.
    A-well-a-bird, bird, bird is the word! Don't you know about the bird? Everybody knows that the bird is the word!
  • I thought it was legal to leave the server and come back at anytime, so long as it was not to avoid combat, or avoid loosing cash/weed/etc.. Reminds me of the famous case of Dr. Striker Leaving during a placed hit event while being raided but never shot at while holding a large hit amount in his cash, he was soon unbaned shortly after because it was a miscommunication of rules. Hustler has paid for this mistake enough imo. I don't think the thought crossed his mind that he could be banned for this, or he would have probably not done it as he seemed to me to care about the server at the time, and his new house with fresh props in it. Unless other admins have a reason he should remain banned, i think for this he should be unbanned.

    btw i saw the whole thing, I was in his base trying to kill bird and was a part of the raid.
  • So Hustler thinks he is special and doesn't deserve to be held to same standards as everyone else. He had been warned by Doom 2 maps ago, when he had his basement base in the Fancy Feast building. Players would constantly raid his base and a few time he would DOC to avoid getting his weed and printer stolen by raiding players. (Previous DOC ban request post with evidence here:…ghlight=hustler#post57690 ) Hustler has exhibited time and time again that he cannot follow rules and will make any and every attempt to violate them with the hopes of not getting caught. When he does, a person is either scum or a rat to him. He never accepts the blame for his own actions.

    In this particular instance (I have a demo if needed). Lawdog, Doggy, and Birddieboo were all witness to Hustler's DOC that resulted in his ban. Players taking part in raiding Hustler's base were myself, Lawdog, Graphix, hoosa, Nugget, Fungus, Doogy, Birddieboo (sided with hustler), and a few other players. Birddie made a suggestion to Hustler to DOC so that the props would disappear and then Birddie could get inside and kill the players who were raiding. As an admin, Birddie clearly knows this is a DOC as it aids the only other player assisting Hustler in defending the base. I then over mic calmly told Hustler that this would be a DOC (all players heard this, including Doggy), as it would assist Birddie who had been helping defend the base. Birddie said he wasn't sure if it was legal or not. Lawdog said he wasn't sure. I told Hustler he had been previously banned and warned for doing exactly this in the past and should not do it. Hustler then said over mic "Oh I forgot I have to restart my computer." And then disconnected. Birddie immediate came in and attempted to kill players in the base. Hustler re-connected to the server and his props reappeared trapping 5 players in the props, giving Birddie and Hustler both an unfair advantage to kill the raiding players. Doggy witnessed it all and proceeded to ban both Birddie and Hustler as a result.

    Why should Hustler get an unfair advantage over other players? Hustler is claiming his console suddenly stopped working? That's bullshit, because when he reconnected he tried to say he disconnected as a joke. So he acknowledged his wrong doing. You can also refer back to Hustler's responses and defense of his action in the Cold Discord. Again, his track record of breaking server rules is quite extensive.
  • I saw hustler got killed many dozens of times trying to get into his base, he was ready to give up most likely. Then another admin Birdi suggested he disconnect, hustler waited until a second after being killed as i watched him die then he disconnected. It looked to me like he timed his disconnect to stay within the rules of DOC. If players were babysitting his weed in the base, well not sure what that has to do with it unless someone stole his weed and disconnected out of his base. DOC can be ruled out imo, this is more of a Prop Glitch disconnect, something different. A rare case that only works when one single player has his name on the door, and he is being raided. This is a separate thing, like "exploiting door linked props", if he has been banned in the past for this, it will double, but i dont think so, and he has already served over 2 weeks ban. not exactly certain myself.
  • Birddie is accepting responsibility yet his response to me immediately following the incident makes it seem a bit premeditated as well. If Hustler is being re-examined for reduction then perhaps Birddie should be re-examined for extension. Just saying, fair is fair.

    HAND OF DOOM wrote:

    You guys have brought up some great points. Those and the admin involvement together make me feel like this ban should be re-examined for possible reduction by The Doggy.

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  • I talk to different people in different ways kill, I know you hate hustler so much, i had to talk to you as if i were you. but you've seen many times I don't hate hustler, I've helped him defend his base and killed tons of people for him. I would never intentionally get him banned, like I said I didn't know it was against the rules, and since hustler was hearing it from me he thought it was legal As well.
    A-well-a-bird, bird, bird is the word! Don't you know about the bird? Everybody knows that the bird is the word!
  • I really want Hustler back on the server.
    On one hand! i don`t approve any rulebreaking on the server, but Hustler is a player that bring life to the server! He play much, he never back down even if some player`s try really hard to give him a hard time on the server, discord and the forum.
    When all that`s sad, most of the shitt that happens to Hustler (like 125%) is a result of something Hustler do,say or post.

    Please reconsider the ban and ban length again.

    Ghost Out!
    If life treats you bad, always remember to do you dailie spin and when you have counted all the fucking new Crowbars
    then you realize that your day just went from bad to worse!
  • hustler wrote:

    im sorry habibis. i think i will never come back . bye bye
    no no no. hustler my baby we want you. This is a prime example of the recent events of admin abuse in the community, however. Another player being ran off the server because of poor handling of the situation. I mean I'm pretty sure some admins would even agree with me here saying this is not right. Sure, maybe he deserved a ban, but for 6 months?! Bullshit.