Hand of doom abuse

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  • Hand of doom abuse

    Your in-game name:Raja
    The Staffs In-game name: doom
    Staffs Steam ID: idk
    Discription of the Event:gay
    Proof of Event:

    The only people who should post in the Abuse Report are; The Player, Witnesses, and Staff.

    I have been playing a bit more these past few days and within just the past 24 hours of returning i have recieved constant harrasment and beation from one admin in particular it all started yesterday when i had joined with an account i use on gmod and have also purchased half life 2 deathmatch on, upon logging into the server i had seen people laughing at my name as cunt, immediately i realized i was on the wrong account and while i was breaking no rules i was in the process of logging out when i hear " oh did you come to the server to break the rules and multilog?" ai had responded with a simple what? obviously frustrated with having just been accused of breaking rules that are not available anywhere, he replied with "well ill just look back in the logs since the begining of that account and see what you did with that 10k, you better not have put locks on any doors" still frustrated with the ignorant accusation and him talking over me while i was trying to explain that while i was not breaking any rules i did accidentally log on with this account as i was on gmod with it earlier, in the demo provided he says "that is why i banned that trash account" hm?? so anyways back to yesterday lawdog is loadinng in and he says "lets just see what lawdog thinks" upon lawdog joining he asks him "hey lawdog what do you think about clit logging into an alt account to break rules" lawdog replies "ban him" doom replies with "maybe i will lets see" as im suspecting hes looking thru logs trying to find something at the time, even though the only money i spent on that account was towards guns, so after lawdog having his input in on an otherwise false situation and scenario also accusing me of breaking the rules i pressed tab and ran down the list calling everyone who is rude to me a fag and was gagged for it even after much harrasment and lets be real weve hear 200 times worse on this server day in and day out than someone running down the player list and saying fag as they are being harrased by multiple people, so i moved to the mic to inquire on why i was gagged and immediately recieved a mute within moments of my not talking and him obviously boiling in side that i was continuing to play the game and be of no issue to anyone he handed down an ip ban that banned both of my accounts and then in the demo i have provided states that it was my fault and if i hadnt reconnected with my main account i wouldnt have been banned while that is true if he had done it correctly the first time this wouldnt have been the case, however at no point in time was there even the slightest reason for him to gag mute or ban, the video below shows him joining the server and immediately sparking insitgative dialogue against myself with koolaid i remained level headed until he continued to harras me and put it as simply as possibl, he continued as did i, no rules were broke yet i recieve a 660 minute mute.

    The entire dilllema of a root admin that surpasses most of the player base in age by 50 years should not be foccusing their time on harrasing players who have done noithing wrong the way he treats people is completely unnaceptable for a member of administration group and i fear as do others that the server alone is his and their is no dealing with any issues without it first being mixed up in his dilution of situations at hand nor the condescending attitude he so ignorantly provides every player with if its a "bad day" ive had nothing but issues with this admin nor has anyone else, when you continue to treat players like this regardless of their status or youre personal opinion it makes them suspectible to other forms of harrasment from other players whom think its okay, and other admins who will just follow suit, its unfortunate how many admins follow in youre footsteps but i hope with the knowledge that they do, youll decide now is the time to carry yourself how you expect youre players to, as everyone does indeed feel like you are in control of this server.
    And with great power comes great repsonisbilty
  • Hilarious as the ones from doggy are jokes, which leaves most of them from you including the humam one that you suggested he give as well as the ones from console, now the question is how many of them have been wrongful and just as instigative and based on you’re existing harrasment and inability to function as a normal human being towards others, as this one caught on camera.
    it must be hard being so bad.
    I have also been being harassed and attacked by you since you came in 5 minutes ago and when I relied with something that upset you I was gagged for “disrespecting staff”

    As you can see i came into the server still muted and recording knowing he would eventually harrass me, everything was copestetic until lawdog had brought up striker and i had responded and doom immediately began talking over me, while i stopped talking to let him finish, i followed by another response which was talked over as well and at that point i knew it was intentional and more was to come, doom began harrasing me in regards to a player vs player situation where slaughter and i were exchanging insults and says he was there yet only brought up , while slaughters comments were also offensive i didnt feel the need to be upset or inquire any admin resolution nor did slaughter where i actually have demo of slaughter saying it was all fun and he doesnt take offence, while this was the case the toxic admin still found a way to harrass me, as you can see lawdog and i were getting along fine i even agreed with the bs classes hes talking just not cause issue and no issue was caused until doom began to berait me at which time lawdog as he always does says and does whatever he can to get doom to like him and to be like him and to make sure his views are aligned so their are no issues which is quite toxic.
    I understand the grammar is off-set, however at this time all Harassment is being documented Harassment is defined as unwanted behavior which you find offensive or which makes you feel intimidated or humiliated. It can happen on its own or alongside other forms of discrimination. Unwanted behavior could be: spoken or written words or abuse. offensive emails, tweets or comments on social networking sites from myself, immediate action would be respected by administration without such legal action may lawfully ensue, as a course of reconstructive action the course is a asked that restitution be made to those affected.
    The Order above has no legal standing in the court of law, it is merely documentation of said events and the request to cease and desist the above stated harrasments.
    Please Read Carefully as this memo is a complete and full cease and desist.
    If you are unable to fully understand what is written in front of you i suggest contacting an attorney in criminal law or researching the continued rights of an individual within any intellectual property, some of which are readily available at scholars.law.unlv.edu/facpub/105/
    Do with this what you will.
    Harassment is unlawful discrimination under the Equality Act 2010 if it’s because of or connected to one of these things:
    • age
    • disability
    • gender reassignment

    • race

    *EDIT* Second video has been fixed.

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  • Gawd, way too serious.

    I heard Doom invite players to comment on this thread - which is why I'm chipping in without being a direct witness.
    A lot of what happens on the server can be intensly annoying, even unfair and crappy. I've certainly has moments of major frustration when I'm caught being a dick or been the unwilling focus of an agressive / having a shit day - player, cop or admin.

    Bottom line is there can be no legal argument for harrasement (or actual harrasment of any kind) when you intentionally put yourself in a position to be harrased - i.e. connecting to a free online game server. If you really do feel harmed (and I've certainly been there myself on this and other RP servers in the past) then dissconnect for a few weeks and let things calm down. Or go to another server for a while. Not that I'm telling Clit to do that, he's always been ok to me and I don't want him to leave.
    My point is, it's a game.

    Personally I'm 100% behind less abuse, bullying and using the N* word and the server is getting better on that.
    I'm also aware that Doom is usually pretty laid back with that deep late night talk radio voice, but even he is capable of getting bored and pushing someones buttons just for the hell of it.

    Doom - be nice to Clit
    Clit - stay cool, take a week off and accept you can't control the world.
  • I honestly can't tell if this is a joke or not and that's a bad thing. First off, connecting on an alternate account whether by accident or not, is gonna raise some flags immediately. I wouldn't say that asking you if you've connected on an alt account to break rules is harassment, you proceeding to call people on the server fags for basically no reason could be constituted as harassment and spam though so you were gagged for it. You do not have any right to chat functionalities in the server anyway and admins can revoke those functionalities at their discretion, you can appeal that admins decision if you feel it is unfair which is why we're even talking about this right now. So, at this point I assume doom thinks you're just trolling people as usual and proceeds to mute you and ban your alt account as a "trash account" as it seems to be referred to. I know doom never meant to ban your main account and the issue with it being banned was resolved shortly after it was brought to attention (both accounts were unbanned).

    As far as the video goes doom offhandedly mentions clit at points during it but there is nothing there that could be considered harassment and if you really are affected by those comments clit maybe you shouldn't be online at all. At around 9:45 in the video things start getting interesting, doom says something that is garbled by clit speeding up the demo and when it slows down you hear doom saying something about assholes and free shotguns and elo which I can guess was directed towards clit however it seems more like a joke to me and the fact that it was an indirect statement. Clit then proceeds to berate doom and call him a retard for his harassment of people and doom goes on to explain the situation regarding clits alt account while clit continues to make snarky comments, possibly trying to provoke a reaction or something. After this, clit mentions that he didn't care about the alt account anyway and logged on with it accidentally and doom responds by saying he knows it was a trash account and that's why he banned it. Clit seems to try to explain his situation again with snarky comments included and doom then insinuates that clit is bipolar with some colourful imagery thrown in and clit responds by telling doom to stop talking to him if he's going to harass him and then get upset when he responds, I didn't see doom get upset much at all during that video but possibly clit is referring to a previous event. There are again a few remarks thrown around by both parties and then the interaction between the two of them ends for the rest of the video. In general here I see clit getting upset by some comments that doom made indirectly toward him and then confronts doom and seems to get more upset when he doesn't get the reaction he wants.

    As for the second video, the demo is somehow still uploading after 22 hours so I guess I'm not going to be able to comment on that however if you ever try and threaten a member of this community with legal action ever again (joke or not I don't give a fuck) you will be removed from it permanently.
  • Clit was banned on an alt account for calling someone a fag (if that’s considered harassment then some of the stuff doom says in this video must be harassment to metal also) drive.google.com/file/d/13H6pi…s3yaPj5j/view?usp=sharing
    The very next day doom is talking about the situation that’s already been handled (stirring the pot when the shit was already over with) and clit heard him call him an asshole and whatever else was said to koolaid. Pretty sure anyone hearing themselves get talked down upon is gonna say something back when they hear it. Doom then makes snarky comments threatening clit that he will be perm banned if he connects to the server on the alt and calls anyone a fag and his main account would be banned for a week. Clit was then gagged silently for 600 minutes for calling doom a retard but dooms allowed to call him an asshole and talk shit about him in front of everyone else? At the very least doom needs to work on his anger issues because last time I checked calling someone a fag isn’t against the rules and it wasn’t spammed in chat and that’s exactly what started this big fuckfest. Not to mention the first insult that’s thrown at metal is literally the word “faggot”.That’s all I have to say about this situation.
  • Seeing as my name is now on the thread I guess I can be a part of the discussion. Now while I feel that admins should be respected in the server, especially when they are performing their admin duty, that respect expectation is a double edged sword. An admin should be respectful of the players if they are to expect that same respect back, and should not utilize their admin abilities to outdisrespect the player. Now if anyone hasn't figured out now, Clit is literally just here to troll. Why else would he video record him playing a demo he could have just uploaded and then fast forward anything that might incriminate him as a player. On the flipside Doom has conducted himself in a very unflattering way and in a way that makes the server look bad. I understand that people have bad days, but someone especially at the level of root should be able to separate their personal feelings and emotions from their admin work. And if they can't keep that separate, then they are unfit for admin duties. I would like to praise Thunder and Lawdog at this time as they have been prime examples of Admins who can conduct themselves professionally as Admins and keep their own personal feelings separate from their personal feelings and emotions about other players. These are Admins who do their duties with neutral minds.
    Now while this abuse form shouldn't result in any form of punishment as clit is just trolling, I do advise that Doom takes a break from his admin duties to work on whatever he has going on that is preventing him from conducting himself from being a proper admin.
  • i have seen Clit`s strange behaver several times, last time was yesterday and for some reason i dont understand why admins tolerat all those insults, back in the old day`s there was clear limit for what you was able to say and do! Calling a admin or another players pedofile and shitt was reason enouf to be removed for good from all the clan`s servers and media`s. I've been around this community a few years, still I have not always gone by the name I now use, Ghost!

    Anyway I want to point out some challenges you admin`s can let`s say "work" on!

    Admins need to stand together against problem and problem players now mater what! if not you will have players that try to push every limit!
    Admins need to protect each other now mater what ! You have lost to way to many good admin`s that have just given up.

    Then back to this case! you guys let player`s like clit get away with way to much shitt draw a line and stay on track!

    The reason i really love this game again is that i can just play the game now. back in 2008-10 ish we run RPserver one of my jobs was trouble player manager, that fucked up the game when i had to spend time reading logs and ban request and all that other shittywork some players make it ruin all the fun! I have seen it happen here several times, admin^s that don`t want to join the server or they just play with one of their other accounts so they can play the game in peace.

    Ghost Out!
    If life treats you bad, always remember to do you dailie spin and when you have counted all the fucking new Crowbars
    then you realize that your day just went from bad to worse!
  • I've known doom for nearly 4 years now on this server, and I've seen some situations form that have been handled very poorly by doom. I've also seen him handle situations well. Do not get me wrong, he can be a good and genuine guy and fun to talk to. But unfortunately it's only when you mess up when people take notice of your actions, and doom has messed up a lot. Although Clit is a troll, he still is a normal player and has over 200 days played on the server, meaning he actually does want to play. I'm a troll too, but that does not mean I do not want to play and have fun on the server. All of that fun is taken away once some power absorbed admin wants to use his powers for the worse. Doom has tried to abuse his position against me multiple times, the most notable time being when he tried gagging me for a year over a simple troll between me and lawdog, one that lawdog ultimately did not care that much about. Syle thankfully being the #1 king cock that he is, reduced this gag not even a day later to 1 day. Doom has had multiple incidents occur this PAST week alone. When are we going to put our foot down and give him some type of punishment. It does not have to be a full admin strip but maybe a couple of demotions or something. I'm not one to talk that much serious shit on here, but this has all gotten out of hand tbh.
  • I'd like to re-apply for my super-admin. ;)

    Banning and gagging every trouble maker makes for a quiet server... This is why I think a lot of repeat offenders or trolls get their bans heavily reduced or just don't get firm-fist permanently banned.

    The legal action or wording for harassment... You've got to be kidding me Clit? You tried this so very long ago against FMC v2 and it's GMT posters and that went no where... Do you honestly think bringing up laws will actually benefit you or make a difference here?

    I've seen Hand of Doom go off on some players.. even been on the receiving end when I had disagreements with him. So maybe there is some situation handling that could be looked into... Seems like a one way street if you have player provocation of the admin, then admin provocation of the player.. then the player gets punished?
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  • koolaid : shut the fuck up with this stupid shit you want to get rid of the only good admin cold has get off dooms dick stupid fucktards

    this last post by me was for Kool-Aid because he has trouble logging on the forum. ^

    Ok right off the bat.


    I have been playing a bit more these past few days and within just the past 24 hours of returning i have recieved constant harrasment and beation from one admin in particular
    This is a fat lie^^^^^^^ I was there and heard the entire thing from the get go. Clit sounded like he was having a manic episode for no explainable reason other than past hatred for Doom. Plus he most likely just wanted attention from all in game as he threw a bombardment of insults directly at Doom first, one after the other personal attacks. It seemed VERY well timed and calculated as to get the most dramatic effect. Now I'm no phycologist, but he needs to get some help with his issues if he has that much pent up emotion in life for such a long period of time. He tried to tell me I have trouble spelling the second day in question when I tried to defend our root, Just look at this above QUOTE ^^^^, 3 misspelled words in a row. dash

    I'm not going to dogpile on a great admin like Doom, who of course is not perfect just like us all. He has made me upset before OFC, but that's life, grow up and handle it, move forward. Don't play the victim for something that you yourself cause. Have balls to admit when your wrong. Don't pretend to be a lawyer and hide behind that fake facade.

    BACK TO THE QUOTE ^ (here is what really went down, the first banning that Josh got involved in)

    As stated, Clit aka Raja started harassing doom for no reason at all like he sometimes does to players and staff, so much so that I was so happy when doom handled it. Doom may have made a small mistake but he had the right idea in mind. Clit deserved every punishment he received that was intentionally meant for him. This person Raja uses our server as a platform to say some of the most vile and disgusting things he can think of, then come on our beautiful forum and claim the latter or a second untrue version. I have news for this person, It is not opposite day, you do not get a free pass to provoke staff no matter who they are.

    Again, take Hand of Doom out of the equation for a second. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT to talk to the people who care the most about the wellbeing of the server, PLAYERS, STAFF, ETC the way Raja has under any circumstance. This troubles me the most because it's such a bad look, and its not even funny at this point anymore as it ruins the game we try to protect and enjoy together.

    If you really care about the community you will do things constructively, and not try to remove your enemy meanwhile bring down the entire community in the process.
  • joshhite11 wrote:

    it’s funny you say that lawdog because your opinion was the exact same about him last year. Idk what part you’re missing here of doom calling someone else a faggot but banning someone else for calling someone a “fag”. Good to know that you talk behind people’s back then suck up to their face though. imgur.com/a/kXPKPPc
    Yikes lawdog. Have balls to admit when you're wrong, right? popcorn
  • Here is the complete unedited demo that shows my afking and doing schoolwork for almost an hour until hand of doom had loaded in, one that clearly shows myself afk until indirect comments were made as they always are from this admin in order to incite argument in which he can spin and misdirect to make himself look like hes doing his admin duties by muting a player who is seemingly toxic when in reality it is the admin instigating argument, dishing out insults and then is unable to receive them without using admin commands to go much to much farther over the line than ever appropriate for administartion, if you think this activity hasn't occurred elsewhere and against others you are sorely mistaken and dead wrong as you can see from above comments, regardless of the opinions in this thread video evidence will always and forever remain tantamount to the truth. As you can see that crucial piece of truth is revealed in the evidence provided above not only by me but also by others. In no form or manner has the opposition provided any constituent evidence that proves amy of the above statements as true, and their actions not be deemed as abusive .


    Please remember if you are not involved in the incident, do not reply as at is locked to those who are involved and asking others to chime in on youre digressions is not only rude and uncouth but clearly prohibited.
  • It is no “leak” and I have nothing against you lawdog. The point of posting that was to prove you felt the same exact way. You’ve gotten used to the fact of “just being cool” with it because nothing has been done about it. it’s time for something to be done about it and that’s why this has blown up like it has.
  • First off - Josh and Lawdog, drop the conversation there. There is no need to go back and forth on an Abuse Thread.

    As for the Abuse Report.

    Let's address the Elephant in the room, Clit and Doom have a deep animosity towards one another.

    Clit due to how Doom treats and interacts with him and Doom due to Clits past Toxicity/Trolling.

    Honestly both of you need to chill out on one another.

    Everyone has Good/Bad days so mileage will vary but you two need to halt instigating one another.

    Clit you need to stop trying to get under Dooms skin to get him to take action against you in what I assume is in hopes to have him reprimanded.

    Doom you need to stop riling Clit up and attempting to find anything that could possibly skim a Rule to Ban him.

    Communication Bans are different, as Doggy said those are a privilege and can be removed based on an Admins discretion.
    If someone is being Uncivil then a 30 minute Mute or Gag to give them time to cool off is justified.

    If you have nothing nice to say to one another then just keep your mouth shut.
    Like my Mom used to say, "If you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all".

    I'll be chatting with Syle soon to see what action, if any, we'd like to progress with.

  • I have to say, I'm with Lawdog on this. I stayed silent but heard a few times what Clit was saying to Doom. It did seem like Clit was acting out or going through some manic episode where he began berating Doom calling him a piece of shit who fucks his mother. It wasn't just normal razzing a player, it was screaming berating like a crazy. It honestly came out of no where. He's actually did something similar to me the same day. Its no secret that Clit has had very similar issues in the past where he has these outbursts. It is unfortunate but he's even discussed it on server in the past. He goes through shit and he takes his personal aggression out on targeted individuals. Most of the time its Doom who is the target because in the past (during my time playing here) he was one of the most active admin. Clit has always given Doom shit when he is on at the same time. Clit has also intentionally broken the rules on the server in many different ways, to the point that he had his cop stripped permanently for announcing he was going to kick all my doors and kill all players inside, then switching to cop and doing it. He has been permanently banned from server a few times that were reversed a few months afterwards. He comes on with alt accounts just to fuck with Doom and a couple others. Doom has caught his alts in the past and he did this recently as well. His reputation is unfortunately tarnished to the point of no return here. Which is unfortunate, because when Clit is on a high, he is a pretty nice dude and fun to play with. But when he's on a low, he is the most toxic piece if shit and tries his hardest to make it known by all. Clit also has a tendency to side with other toxic players to amplify and push his behaviors. Just look at his history of behavior.

    It is no secret that Clit has had it out for Doom for a long time. It is also well known that Doom doesn't take shit from players. I've known that from day one. Just my input for what its worth.