Recovery of Removed Cop EXP

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  • Recovery of Removed Cop EXP

    Posting this under ban appeals because it seems to be the most fitting place for this situation. At the beginning of our map switch to rp_pray, I had my cop exp reduced from 12847 to 3500 by Doggy. This was over a dispute I had with Beamed regarding the cop rules after a door had been kicked. A relatively new rule had been implemented at the time regarding what cops can do inside a house after an arrest had been made. It was to my understanding that you could proceed into other rooms of the house that had open doors. On my way out of the house, I found his weed and took it for myself and then kicked a door to leave. In the end, the admins ruled in favour of Beamed. Looking at other cases of people breaking rules as cop, they typically just have their cop removed. I find it strange and unfair that the amount of dedication I had put into being cop was removed with little to no questioning of my side of the story. No official forum post was ever made about the incident and the whole situation was handled in the discord.

    This was a misunderstanding of the rules on my part and I am at fault for it.

    I am posting this as a request to reinstate my cop exp to 12800.

    Thanks for your consideration.
  • I recall Templar telling me at the time he would have rather been banned for weeks then loose any of
    his exp.

    I know cops put in a lot of time to get that far. Hours grinding away loyal to the server.

    In the end he quit sometime soon after. After seeing how long he has been gone for,

    I would have no issue if he got it back.
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