common issues & bugs on see us go our pee

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    • common issues & bugs on see us go our pee

      (my 100th post lel)

      So the CSGO rp has had some pretty game(what little there is) breaking bugs & Glitches that have been debilitating.

      1. CSGO Rules/MOTD isn't up and it's impossible to view the cop rules and we have to go off my memory for the rules.

      2. Can't arrest players with crime as cop, when you knife them, it damages them but they don't get cuffed.
      Steps to reproduce,
      Have a player at Cuffable crime,
      as Cop/CT, go up to the player with crime and knife them,
      Find out you shanked them instead of arresting them.

      3. [RP] You already have a plant growing.
      If the server goes into hibernation at any point while a plant is growing it will tell you cannot grow anymore, the workaround I've used is just afking throughout the duration of my plant or waiting until server restarts in the early morning.

      Steps to reproduce,
      Plant a plant, but you want to make sure it doesn't die, just make sure it grows.
      Now make sure you leave the server for 30 seconds and you are the only one on (So when you leave the server goes into hibernation).
      Then after harvesting your plant and/or letting it die, trying to grow a new one in the same day will be denied with the message you already have a plant growing.

      4. If you die when healing it will say you are always healing, so you cannot heal until you rejoin or server restart
      Steps to reproduce,
      Get down to low health and start healing by eating food
      Have someone kill you fast,
      when you respawn/stand still it should still show the healing particle effect.
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