BAN/COP Strip for 1 year by The Doggy Sept. 24, 2020 to Sept. 24, 2021

    • BAN/COP Strip for 1 year by The Doggy Sept. 24, 2020 to Sept. 24, 2021

      Dear Sirs:
      I was wondering if I could have all my cop job major rank back. I have reread the rules and Syle's post on cop job , and where to keep my head in the game situations. I enjoyed being cop and helping protect server from bad guys. I like helping teach new guys how to play game when admins are not on. I'm sorry for all the trouble I have caused the Doggy in the Past as he is a real good Player!
      Slaughter1337 :D
    • Just to clarify a bit , Slaughters cop abilities were suspended Jan 24 2020 for one year. He has served approximately seven and a half months of this suspension.
      I like Slaughter , he's one of our all time classic players. I'd be fine with shortening his suspension a few months , however , I'm not familiar with the circumstances surrounding this suspension.
    • Slaughter has had many infractions as a cop, he has been warned so many times I've lost count and he has also had his cop taken multiple times. Everytime Slaughters cop has been reinstated he eventually fucks up and does something leading to him getting stripped yet again. This has been a recurring problem throughout several years and I see a year suspension as a light punishment given his record, he is extremely lucky to not be permanently barred from cop.

      Just this year he has had an abuse thread posted about him: the only reason his suspension wasn't extended for this is because an admin mistakenly reinstated him while he was supposed to be stripped.

      So I will not be reinstating his cop privileges until he has completed his full suspension period and if there are any issues after that point Slaughter will have his cop revoked permanently.