MeTaL ^x^'s Administrator Application

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    • As I have taken some time to reflect and look back, I have realized that I have not conducted myself in the best manner, and with this I would like to publicly apologize for my actions as well as thank every single person above for giving me their honest feedback. I will be removing/editing my negative replies from this post, as the people affected do not deserve to be treated in that manner for applying their honest feedback.

      With this in mind I invite everyone and anyone to continue to provide their feedback on this application as I look to improve myself for this community. I ask that you provide me a new opportunity to show that I can be what this community needs out of its staff and other leaders of the community. I am not saying to forget what I have done in the past, but to keep an open mind that I may prove to be better than I have been this past year.

      If you do not feel comfortable providing feedback in this public setting, you may also feel free to message me privately. I will welcome any suggestions that may improve myself and my role in this great community.

      I would like to add lastly that I hope everyone has an amazing new year and we can have 2021 be what we all thought 2020 was going to be!
    • I have been writing Metal's admin response for a long time since sometime after he posted his app, and I promised him I would comment on it eventually, but it has been too long and so yes I kind of slept on it. I apologize for that.

      Here is my response finally after much consideration and thought...

      He says he wants to try to help the server, I think that's fantastic. He is an extremely high energy player and sometimes downright diabolical, but everything he does is well within the rules as he is super meticulous about the motd, and the wiki rules throughout all of his gameplay. This speaks volumes when it comes to admin. He seems to have a good handle on right and overall wrong.
      It's always fun to see a new admin get the chance to do good for the community and gain a new perspective on the server.

      After all, when a player is given the chance to expand their horizon there is no telling what you can discover about the player good/bad in some cases^. Hopefully, overall positive as in the past, admin has brought out the worst in some people. Personally I think admin is a chance to prove people wrong who doubt you.

      Anyways, when I heard that one of the "badies" like metal wants to be admin, I was hesitant because he can get a bit trolly. As an admin rather than permkill a brand new players that just shed their box, you now have to be helpful to them and also under 10's to some degree.

      Reading the app, I am reminded of why I became an admin in the first place. I am excited to see what kind of admin he would make. If Metal can put in a respectable amount of time that it takes to earn an admin position, why not let him trial for it. In this case I would give him a plus one but contigent on he puts in the time and effort.

      Again I know admin can amplify negative qualities in players potentially, but in some cases resposiblity brings out the heart and other merits that can lead to stronger qualities shining through. We may get to see a more serious side to Metal X, who knows.

      I say at this point in time, give him a chance at admin, and if it's not for him, I think the guy would honestly tell you himself.


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