RP Ruby - 2021 (Updated 15/11/2020)

    • RP Ruby - 2021 (Updated 15/11/2020)

      Sometime 2021, maybe 2022, certainly not 2020.

      I have been working on this map since late 2019. Development has been extremely slow and I doubt it'll be done for 2020 or the next two... likely 3 map cycles. But I thought I'd share the main area I have finished thus far.

      I look forward to completing it and sharing it with you all.. some day. Here's to Venice v2, aka Ruby. :thumbup:

      Ruby v1 (Old)
      - Update Nov 15th 2020.

      Due to what I can only describe as the equivalent of a writers block, I've started on a new design for ruby. 'Ruby v2'

      The following image is of the CS:GO compile. I will be completing the map for/on CS:GO's engine first then back porting it to hl2dm.

      Every single door you see will have an interior to teleport into. No more fake doors, if you see a door there is a associated interior for it. This map will come to CS:GO RP Before hl2dm as the work required to back port and fix lighting is exponentially greater for the older version of source engine hl2dm uses.

      The Ruby v1 & v2 vmf's will be released on rezozplace.com when Ruby v2 is published and playable on both games.

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