new rule about crouch fence tunnel mazes

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    • Rezoz wrote:

      He doesn't even play!
      She doesn't even play!
      You don't even play!

      Why does it always boil down to that? I presented a solution, which grubbsy linked. Really Grubbsy is pretty bang on with his assessment and facts.

      I have several hundred hours (500+ at minimum) on the server and several thousand working on maps and highscores. I don't afk so you won't see me with thousands of semi-active/inactive hours. When I'm on, I'm playing and chatting. I have an absurd amount of access for someone who is 'retired admin' / 'just a player' as this point, I have messaged Syle about possibly reinstating in the future.

      I would definitely like to see people go over to the thread Grubbsy linked and PROVIDE FEEDBACK on it. Because as far as middle grounds go, it's likely going to be the best middle ground people will get without 'gray areas' forming when it comes to propping.

      So go ahead and comment on that thread, it'll be far more useful then yelling at each other on here.
      Removal of the 'Fence Maze' problem
      It boils down to it because if someone doesn't even play, why should their opinion impact the result of the server. Also as far as the other post goes, that convo is on the right track and I believe I have commented on that. Right now though there is a very major rule being dropped and there are people posting on here who aren't part of the ACTIVE player base that these rules affect. At the end of the day this rule affects ACTIVE players and so that's who should be holding the discussion. Not people who hop in once in a blue moon and then just walk around and chat, not people who log in, hide and then spectate the whole server for hours, not people who hop in and just afk on the streets for hours on end. People who grind, people who infiltrate, people who spend hours and hours looking to add to the games experience. These people who don't grind or play or add to the actual experience are the ones who complain about everyone having money and health and more guns and all this other shit that we went and grinded for. And every game piece that gets changed is to go against these people who have put the time in to grind and add to the experience.