Something Needs to be done.

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  • Something Needs to be done.

    The staff has gone and punished the entire admin base for one admins actions as seen in a previous post. And even after these changes have been made made this admins attitude, integrity, professionalism, and level of hypocrisy has not changed. Something needs to be done about it because I am sick of putting time into a server that one admin wants to ruin. He doesn't spend time on the server and play, he doesn't have fun. He just sits in noclip or in spectate and hovers over everyone on the server like a dark cloud where you say 1 tiny thing the wrong way and he will kick you. I have been threatened to be kicked by this admin, banned by this admin, and have been kicked multiple times by this admin on discord, for levels of disrespect. Yet instead of treating me with the same respect he expects from me, he continues to disrespect and do everything he can in his admin abilities to try and "bully" me and I'm sick of it.

    For people who do not know the back story, I have been part of the cold community for 3 years now. I played 3 years ago until my computer bricked and then when I got my new gaming PC at the beginning of this year I got right back into the server and fast. I am known as a more aggressive player especially nowadays.

    Now One day mid august I was perming this annoying kid that many people in the community were perming at the time. His name at the time was viktorchris14 but now he goes by slithroat or something. So I was going away and killing this annoying kid and all of a sudden I hear the big booming voice of doom say "you are an asshole" and start shooting at me. I start fighting back and stuff and when he couldn't kill me he went back to no clip, or spectating, or something else away.

    The next days events after this have for the most part been recorded and shown before but for anyone that may have missed it I have put below.

    Part 1:…s3yaPj5j/view?usp=sharing

    Part 2:…U8Bu-Fof/view?usp=sharing

    In between part 1 and part 2 a couple things take place as well. Doom unnecessarily was using no clip to explain something in the VIP to another player. Due to my frustration I pushed him and he kicked me. He then threatened to ban me(no previous bans whatsoever) for an entire year. I decided to log off for now and cool off.

    Part 2 takes on later in the day. I was sitting in the 2% base doing some things on my phone really quick while just generally chatting and part 2 occurs

    Since these events have taken place I have been time and time again "warned" which is more like "threatened" by Doom for disrespect, yet he continues to be disrespectful to me. I will have attached some screen shots of these occasions below. All 4 screenshots have taken place in the past month.

    I am tired of these events and something needs to change. I can go back to being civil with Doom in an instance, but respect is a 2 way street and something needs to be done about this situation.
  • says it all about your sad "role play" metal , go play quake dm , if you like killing over and over and bring hoosa with you......bitch !

    quote :: Now One day mid august I was perming this annoying kid that many people in the community were perming at the time.::

    MeTaL ^x^ wrote:

    Now One day mid august I was perming this annoying kid that many people in the community were perming at the time
  • First off,this thread is in the wrong place. It should be in ADMIN ABUSE/COPABUSE/VICODIN ABUSE
    There's a process. You present evidence, it gets fairly reviewed, action is taken or you shut the fuck up.

    But as you my view the server is an adult playground, not youth therapy. Reading posts and watching the videos here it looks to me like you're trying to provoke a reaction from an older player / surrogate parent figure. No admin is under any obligation to do anything, not listen to you, not care about you, not even follow rules. They’re volunteer’s doing something to keep a tiny semblance of fairness, that’s it.

    Not that he needs it, even slightly, but I’ve been playing this server since it was created and have not one bad word for Doom. I’d back him 100% of the time, every time.Same goes or any of the admins here.
  • Wiseguy wrote:

    Doom calls it like he sees it!
    This is true, And Metal is probably one of the more affected players by "Hand of Doom's Calls". Is this 100% Metal's own fault? I will leave this question up to the community.

    I will say that no one is perfect, this is true even for previously high rank admins, but it's how we handle ourselves in those not so perfect situations that can be a key marker of a person.

    HOW YOU HANDLE ADVERSITY DEFINES YOU, even if that adversity only happens a very small percentage of the time.

    Many of us Respect Doom, or if they don't get along with him they have had to respect the power he has in the server over all others. Players feuding with admins over and over again has got to stop.

    This Admin's name just keeps popping up, really raises some eyebrows.

    You would think that a good admin could squash this BEEF by now.

    Hope things get better, maybe this post by Metal is part of the bigger problem. A snowball effect from many years of this admin ranking system. In this aspect maybe evolution is to blame...

    BUT Respect should never be given for nothing, Admins should earn players respects through all that they do, not just by disciplining players and constantly harping on them because it becomes cringey at that point for all of us to listen too.

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  • Unnecessarily using no-clip to explain something to a player in vip? That is not unnecessary at all. 1. It saves time and 2. it prevents players from killing admins when they are doing part of their job which includes explaining things to players and just maybe he needed to see exact what the player needed help with. I get it you two don't get along but this shit is ridiculous. I've had my issues with Doom in the past and now he and I can be civil with each other,what is so hard about trying to fix the issues privately and become civil with each other? Hell you don't even have to talk to him. This is not the first time that people have complained about an admin and it probably won't be the last time. Not everyone is going to get along because personalities clash and what not but at least make an effort. You've said it before that you're an asshole and you play the game as it was intended or whatever but not everyone is like that. Some of us like to enjoy the nostalgic part of it but we can't really do that without you saying oh they don't actually play so they shouldn't get a say so. We've played,long before you joined we are still active members of the community regardless if we play the same way you do or not, we are content without playing like you do because we've already done it. If you want respect give people a reason to respect you. Respect is not just given to anyone, you earn that respect by showing people that you can be respectful not by doing it how you're doing it.
    “no admin for nova“- The Doggy 7/3/2018 @21:50pm (9:50pm)