Something needs to be done part 2

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    • Something needs to be done part 2

      Since Doom wants to control the narrative and close the thread before anyone can reply to his response, here is part 2.

      Translation of the last sentence attached below: "Anything MeTaL says, does, or implies to anyone I will use as an excuse to be a hypocrite and utilize my admin abilities to intimidate and persecute him in ways he cannot." or in even simpler terms "He started it".

      At the end of the day instead of using his admin abilities to to uphold the servers integrity and rules, he is instead utilizing them to act as a dark cloud over me for playing within said rules due to him not agreeing in his personal opinion to my actions. Even though I am active and kep the server interesting, this person would rather try and push me away just because he doesn't like my actions.
    • Well I go to work, come home from work, and see a response from Doom and then the post is closed so I can't respond. So here we are. I gave time for everything to be worked out and instead of things being fixed and everything being better, here we are with them doing the same exact shit they were doing prior to the changes. The things you guys did change nothing. It doesn't matter what's going on in their personal life, they are out of pocket STILL and this needs to be addressed. The admin ranks changed and people are still afraid to speak up because it will be seen as bias or whatever. If anything the changes made everything worse. Hell I get kicks and threats and everything under the sun for speaking up and here I am still speaking up. Because I'm tired of someone trying to use their admin privileges and duty to intimidate, smother, and ultimately smother people for doing things that person just doesn't like. These events that he claims I brought on have nothing to do with his admin duties, and have everything to do with his personal vendetta of me.

      I created the original post to get resolution and finally put this to an end. Instead there is lack of action yet again and it just gets thrown to the side.

      The post was edited 2 times, last by MeTaL ^x^ ().

    • Opening thread after thread will get nothing done— no matter how valid or invalid your issue may be.

      Have some patience and trust in the whole of the administration team as a whole. Try not to post information unless it pertains to the circumstances listed in the request or if it won’t add to anything other than creating a jumbled mess.

      I will be deleting any post that is not made by the reporter or someone of senior staus (e.g Volar or Syle). The only exception is for concrete evidence that would be introduced from a third party.