Exploit/Bug with using Vodka

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  • Exploit/Bug with using Vodka

    Your name: Capt_N3mo

    Your steam id: [U:1:30975887]

    Description of the bug: after using vodka and wearing you, you can use food to heal over you're spawned health. In demo provided you can
    see before vodka I had 100 hp, and after vodka wore off health went to 100hp, than can use food to bring that hp up to

    Steps to reproduce the bug:

    1.) Use Vodka
    2.) Wait for vodka to wear off
    3.) Use food to make Hp higher than spawned health

    Expected result: Being able to use exploit to get higher health/Vip health without having Vip

    Does the bug require interaction from more than one person to occur?: No

    Does the bug cause a server crash?: No

    Items, money, etc lost due to this bug. Please include inventory and stats screenshots if you have them: No

    Any other information or screenshots relating to the bug:

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