Let me help please... Let me prove myself

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    • Let me help please... Let me prove myself

      Dear Cold Community,

      Merry Belated Christmas.
      Sorry I missed the Holiday map.
      Upon coming back i noticed that several VIP members do not have their names on the VIP doors. To prove to an Admin that you are VIP you have to do /stats to show you are a VIP which is in the DB so i digress.

      I want to help the server. I have 15 years of coding and Database experience. I am not asking for admin or unrestricted access, I even expert any changes will be vetted and verified by Doggie and any other people.

      here is a list of my technical skills

      Database: SQL Server 2000- 2019, MS-Access, Sybase 5.0, Pervasive 7.9-11.0, Firebird/Interbase, My-SQL 5.0, SQL Lite, Oracle 11 and 12C, FoxProd
      Web/Application Servers: IIS 6.0 -7.5,Windows Server 2003,Windows Server 2008
      Web Technologies: ASP.NET 2.0 -4.8, .Net Core 3.1,ADO, COM, COM+, XML, SOAP, WSDL, ADO.NET, Visual Studio 2008 -2017, ASP.NET MVC 4, MVC 5, JavaScript, Jquery, Jquery-UI, SignalR
      .Net Core, RPA, Json, Angular 8, Css

      Tools/IDE Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2003, 2005, 2008 & 2010, VS Team Foundation Server, Microsoft Visio, Sub Version, Automation Anywhere

      I would love to have the opportunity to prove my self

      I am fine with smaller bug fixes.
    • Ohhhh China China China!!! lol

      I really think China could make a great contribution to our dev team.

      I understand the concerns some may have of him as a player but I have gotten to know him on a semi personal level and let me tell you
      he is a completely different person outside of his "Rp Persona" He is actually very trustworthy, and an honest person. I am proud to call China
      a friend. I know most of you see him as a door buster and stealing your shit but tbh that is alllll part of the game. That does not define the person.

      Now for the issues in the past, we all make mistakes but that only makes us stronger, smarter and lessons for us all to learn from. I couldn't tell you how he
      was 3,4,5 years ago but I can say what I see and how he is today. So on that note he gets a +1 from me.
    • Extra help for the most part can always be a plus. Allowing our dev team to be able to delegate tasks down may open them up to being able to focus on other things. There is a mighty long list of bug reports that have been unanswered or not worked on. If this allows for those bugs to finally be tackled, then maybe this is just what this community needs.

      This isn't the first time that China has asked to be taken off the bench and put in the play, and it probably wont be the last. The man is persistent and aspires to become a larger role in the community, in an area he is passionate about.
    • I mean if there's one way to prove yourself, provide more tangible evidence? I can slap some years and big words in a description but I haven't actually SEEN anything you made.

      Here's my evidence with a little help from xRave.
      1: Devlog 1
      2: Devlog 2
      3: Devlog 3
      4: Devlog 4 (Don't watch this one too long, it turned the frogs gay)

      I think it's funny how my voice gets deeper over time in the videos too lol.
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    • chinasyndrome wrote:

      well every admin including you always asks
      regardless if the database knows you are a VIP then the VIP doors should always recognize a VIP player and not need to have their names added to the door
      True, just like how I set up police doors in my plugin I setup VIP doors.

      like damn

      Python Source Code: dgta.py

      1. if (player.steamid in door.keys) or (is_player_cop(player) and door.ownerid.lower() == 'police') or (player.vip_tier >=1 and door.ownerid.lower() == 'vip'):
      2. # This is where stuff happens, either unlocking or opening door based on it's type and so on.
      3. # It's not rocket science is it? I mean everytime I type a string in the code I feel like I'm cheating but whatever.
      4. # is_player_cop(player) simply is where it checks to see if the player is employed and is on the cts, now I think about it idk why I made that function.
      (btw I copied the if statement out of my own code)
      I know it's python god forbid.
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      Best American CSGO RP Server Owner 2021