Dailies Bug

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    • Your name: China Syndrome

      Your steam id: [U:1:23463631]

      Description of the bug:Random but I was doing a daily Robbery IV(note I had re-rolled earlier to get this), i was counterfeiting as a job but was robbing venders so I could accomplish 2 in 1
      I disconnected and when i came back 30 minutes later my Robber was replaced with Tree Hugger III

      this bug only seems to affect a rerolled daily category

      Steps to reproduce the bug:
      re-roll a daily, wait about 10 minutes and log off then log back on again

      Expected result:
      daily changes

      Does the bug require interaction from more than one person to occur?:

      Does the bug cause a server crash?:

      Items, money, etc lost due to this bug. Please include inventory and stats screenshots if you have them:


      So the server crashed a little while ago and restarted
      MY rerolled daily was changed again
      and 2 other slots of completed dailies now have new dailies
      is the 24 hr dailies cycle related to the server uptime?