HungryMan needs to be removed from Food Venor

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  • HungryMan needs to be removed from Food Venor

    Since HungryMan was added to the food vendor it has nearly made it impossible to kill certain players. They have become gods in a sense.
    People are using sex and HungryMan on binds and are nearly impossible to kill. Not all players can afford to keep buying them to make the match even a bit fair.
    With binding hungry man all you have to do it round a corner or be out of shot view and within seconds you can have full health again.
    It is extremely OP and not fair to players that are not as skilled in dming

    When HungryMan was added I knew it was going to be a problem. It was better when it was only a item you could win from only dailies and spins.
    Several other players and myself agree it needs to be removed from the food vendor.
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  • I don't think I have ever seen the hungryman item on the food list since I have played, they were more of a rare item gained through dailies or a spin etc. If I myself bound Hungry mans it would be the equivalent to having a piñata in some ways, it would make me ridiculously hard to kill.

    As it is the Sex with the Chocolate Cake bind allows a player low on health to use their skill to run and hide but have to recharge their health in 3 to 4 increments, 100 hp each and taking like 20 seconds each cake. A lot can happen in that time, if your shot the recharge stops. It takes moving skill to get away with it, you have to be untouched to fill your health back up essentially fast. A player has to be able to move fast or dodge attacks to heal and recover. Now all of that has changed like in the case with Ruff, I hit him with 3 direct rockets and a headshot or shotgun blast point blank in one exchange, but in a second of a click he is back to 350 in between all hits he is taking.

    I had to do like 900 damage within the time period of less than 20 seconds in order to take him down, and as Ruff gets used to binding this and more comfortable I think THAT IT WILL SOON BE IMPOSSIBLE TO KILL HIM. I think it only takes a second to refill back to 350 when you have it bound.

    So this item can be abused in my opinion, even more so than it already is. You could literally be back to 350 after each hit seconds later if you bound it all correctly like I'm sure Ruff has because he admitted it in game.

    Usually it is possible for newer players to take down Ruff if they try hard or team up, but this is more like when he has a piñata or health beyond normal possible range.

    I have never had trouble with him to this extent until he used this item. So now as a player I have to bind hungrymans in order to successfully defend myself. I could do it but it is just overkill.

    I hope this was a mistake and we can just remove hungrymans off the foodlist asap.

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  • As a user of the hungryman currently I love it, but I could still do fine without it. I honestly only started using it against hustler when he uses sex now that he has VIP. Quick tip of counter for people looking to fight against it, I have been adding the AR to my repertoire to counter healing and healing binds, because of the constant DPS and the high damage, it can negate someone healing with hungry mans or chocolate cakes.

    Getting rid of hungry mans might be a solution, but you guys could also look into repricing the hungry man to a higher price to eliminate excessive use of it.