Shipment Respawn

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    • Shipment Respawn

      Some players hide the shipment in their base, so others cant find this. I do think this is a bit unfair, even if it is against a player you do not like, as the shipment is an event. If the shipment was able to respawn after a certain amount of time, if it not found, then i think that might be an appropriate solution.
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    • I absolutely agree with that. make a timer to self-destruct the cargo or stick it to the ground. shipment always hided when DOA is on server, this is number 1 rat, im so hate people like them who dont use something and dont give to other people use that shit. number 1 stupid position. SYLE habibi, please fix that problem, regular online players want have fun and oppotrunities to earn money, but that player (DOA) always come to the server, hide shipment and sit in afk all the time. this is very stupid.
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    • I agree with nugget. Make the shipment respawn after like 10/15/20 min after it's first spawn would be a great idea. Personally I have stopped hiding it. The more I though about it, it really is not fair to others. Keeps the zombies from spawning, which I really enjoy fighting, and the useful crime to zero which we all need sometimes. When I was new I always enjoyed the hunt for the crate.
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