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    • I feel this has to be made regarding the admins on cold, all of these admins who don't play or log on maybe twice a month need to maybe retire and step aside for new admins people who haven't played for weeks or months at a time. We need new admins not for the fact that they are bad admins but no ones on in the Am as I write this the server is still down the plugins closed and no ones reset the server, I feel that new admins like Nemo and other wonderful trustworthy players could bring new life to the server other than everyone just afk behind millions in locks. I don't wanna sound rude to older admins as they are some of the most wholesome fun and great people to have around cold but if we keep having plugins crash and no one to reset or help fix them we lose players I counted 3 new players join when the plugin was closed, as of right now the server has been down for an hour and 30 minutes. I'm not hating on older admins, if we didn't have them nothing would've been possible on cold but I feel new admins could stir new life into cold and maybe get some new ideas flowing.

      ps. I thank all the old admins for everything they've done over the years <3
    • Captain Cock wrote:

      LOL "old admin"

      Perhaps they were taking a nap? Or it was a coupon day and they were queuing for pea and ham soup?

      (they can't hear) Bless
      Thanks for your service Doom and Koala!

      Remember kids, Doom and Koala are part of the reason why we won the Civil war.
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    • The idea of old admins holding the server back from being rejuvenated is faulty to say. Not saying new staff members are a bad thing but don’t draw the correlation that *some* inactive staff cause the whole server to tank in player numbers when the game as a whole has a down tick in player count— not just the server.