Add dailies done to high score list

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    • Having that and a message in chat/hud when you complete one part of you're daily. Meaning as when you are working on Marijuana 3 and after you pickup you're 3 plants you get a message in chat (RP) you have completed 3 of 60 of Marijuana 3 Daily. Not sure if that is possible coding wise but would save a lot of time and would be easier than type /dailies than clicking on the daily you are working on to see the status.

      Both would be very useful and a nice option.
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    • I have suggested this last year I think for all dailies, the code exists for incriminating so it should be in the realm of possibility. In my mind you should only have to do !dailies to see what ones you have.

      Another Idea would be the ability to set which daily you are actively working on.

      I cannot count the times I am doing a Marijuana 3 or 4 and my dailies reroll the next day and I now have a marijuana 1 or 2 in front of the 3 or 4, it is frustrating