Announcement Map Change on 3/5/2021 to rp_abuse_me_city_V3

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    • Map Change on 3/5/2021 to rp_abuse_me_city_V3


      rp_abuse_me_city_V3 won the poll and @The Doggy has been hard at work setting up the map.

      Map will change Tomorrow, Friday March 5th at 10:00PM Pacific Time.

      Refund your current house using the command once on the new map (Case sensitive)

      In chat: !refunddoor rp_Linesse_r3

      In console: sm_refunddoor rp_Linesse_r3

      Doggy also crafted several fixes to the mod.

      Source Code

      1. Fixed issue with Box player models not being applied
      2. Block suicides from the changing settings menu
      3. Npc checks for PropEater
      4. added automatic inactive house reset (30days no playtime)
      5. Allow gang owners to kick offline members (Syntax: sm_kickfromgang <name/steamid>)
      6. shipment will respawn if not picked up before next spawn
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      Thx Doggy gamer