Mercenary Daily Bug

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    • Mercenary Daily Bug

      Your name: Capt_N3mo

      Your steam id: U:1:30975887

      Description of the bug: When working on mercenary daily kills are not being registered in the daily as being completed after a players has a hit placed and killed. This doesn't happen all the time, seems to only happen
      when the server has been up for quiet some time. After server restarts it will work again until about the 8-10 hr mark.
      It has happen to me a number of times, and happen to DOA today.

      Steps to reproduce the bug: Change job to hitman, place hit on player, kill that player, and hit will not register in daily.

      Expected result: Fix please

      Does the bug require interaction from more than one person to occur?: Yes

      Does the bug cause a server crash?: No

      Items, money, etc lost due to this bug. Please include inventory and stats screenshots if you have them: No

      Any other information or screenshots relating to the bug: Not atm.
      nono :pardon: assaultrifle chainsaw

      Well it seems to be all the time now. Hitman/Mercenary daily is broken. Before it was intermediate but now it is all the time.
      I just tried to work on the same daily as when I made this post on a fresh server restart and still not counting towards our dailies.

      I provided a demo to show that it is indeed broken. I was on hitman job, was placing hits, and killing that rebel with hits =(
      So I know I was doing it correctly lol

      Please fix ='(

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